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Workouts 12/4-12/10

Tuesday, December 4 –
3.33 miles in 33 minutes
.3 mile walk cool down
calf raises
hamstring curls on fit ball
single-leg hip bridges

Warm up – 2 rounds of: 1 minute Junk Yard Dog, 1 minute speed skaters
10 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
200 m run
6 dumbell burpees
6 curtis press (shoulder press, right foot lunge, shoulder press, left foot lunge is one rep)

I did a total of 3 rounds plus one extra 200 m run

Wednesday, December 5 –
2 mile walk
30 minutes yoga

Thursday, December 6 –
30 minute run
15 minutes foam roll

Friday, December 7 –
Foam Rolling while watching TV

Saturday, December 8 –
16.5 bike ride

Sunday, December 9 –
35 minutes ZUMBA (thank you YOUTube and AppleTV)

Monday, December 10 – 30 minute run

Total Miles: 9.83

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Weekly Workouts 8/18 – 8/24

I’m finally back on track for posting my weekly workouts! I have been extremely busy with work which has not left me any time for writing blogs and hardly any time for working out. I’m glad to say I’m back on track with workouts, which is good because my pants are getting a little more snug than I prefer!

Saturday 8/18 – Workout at home – moving into a new apartment. We are moving upstairs in our house, so I spent about an hour carrying things up the stairs and running back down. I’m thinking I did 100 or so sets of stairs, with no A/C, so I got my sweat on.

Sunday 8/19 – REST

Monday 8/20 – OFF

Tuesday 8/21 – ~25 minute run, 5 min foam roll/stretch

Wednesday 8/22 –
A.M. – leisurely 1 hour walk
P.M. – 45 minute bike ride downtown

Thursday 8/23 –
P.M. – 10 minute walk/run on treadmill
60 minutes Zumba
30 minutes foam roll and stretch

Friday 8/24 –
Afternoon – 30 minutes cardio: 5 sets of hill sprints + walk/jog recover and 2 sets long sprints +walk/jog recover

What was your favorite workout from this past week?

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Workouts 4/28 – 5/4

This week felt like a big fail for workouts. I was extremely tired every day and just didn’t have the energy to go workout. I forced myself to workout on Tuesday by driving straight to the gym after work, although I almost drove home without doing the workout. After I was done, I felt a little better and went for a bike ride to dinner with Ben. The highlight of my week was Friday’s Master Zumba class, which was held at a club in San Antonio. Some of the instructors were pretty advanced with the steps but it was very fun. I had been in a bad mood before, but after 90 minutes of dancing I was energized and happy.

Saturday, April 28th – Active Rest Day

Sunday, April 29th –
Afternoon: 60 minute Zumba class
3 x 10 squats with 30lbs overhead (definitely need work on my form!!)
3 x 9 lunges with rear leg on bench (15 lb dumbbells each hand)
3 x 15 calf raises on leg press machine (50lbs added)
3 x 6 single leg hamstring curls on fit ball
10 minutes foam rolling

Monday, April 30th – REST

Tuesday, May 1st –
AM: 20 minutes yoga
PM: 20 minute burpee workout
40 minute bike ride

Wednesday, May 2nd – Active Rest Day

Thursday, May 3rd –
Wednesday’s arm workout – done with 5lb weights
3 x 10 chair dips
3 x 10 tricep extensions
3 x 10 side raise, rotate to shoulder press
3 x 10 rear deltoid fly
3 x 10 bicep curls
8 x 10 various ab exercises between weight sets

Friday, May 4th –
PM: 90 minute “Master’s” Zumba class

Total Miles: 0


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Workouts 4/14-4/20

It’s 5k week and I don’t know if I’m tapering, and I don’t know if I need to. I really feel like I need to save my feet and have enough strength to run a fast race, but that’ll mostly come down to fueling the night before and day of the race. That being said, the weekend was a good workout and then it slowed down. My bike ride on Wednesday was SO fun, I really enjoy bike riding in good weather!

Saturday, March 14th –
AM: 60 minutes Zumba, 15 minutes stretch/foam roll

Sunday, March 15th –
AM: 70 minutes running on riverwalk, 20 minutes stretch/foam roll
PM: 45 minute walk

Monday, March 16th –
Noon: 40 minute walk

Tuesday, March 17th –
PM: 1 hour sanding with power sander (not sure it’s a workout, but my arms were jiggling the whole time!)

Wednesday, March 18th –
PM: 16.15 mile bike ride

Thursday, March 19th –
Noon: most likely 25 minute walk…but can’t quite remember

Friday, March 20th –
Noon: possibly 25 minute walk, but can’t remember

Total Miles: 6


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Workouts 3/17 – 3/23

This was a pretty slow workout week for me, but all in all, I did exercise 3 days. According to the national healthy board, all you need is 30 minutes three times a week. Heck, who am I kidding? This was a BAD week for me and I felt bad because I didn’t exercise enough. Next week willbe better!

Saturday, March 17th –
Afternoon/evening: 2 hours walking around New Orleans Garden District

Sunday, March 18th –
AM: 40 min run with Katie
20 yards walking lunges
20 yards skipping lunges (walking lunge w/skip at end)
3 x 1 minute wall sit
3 x 20 calf raises
10 minutes rolling out muscles

Monday, March 19th – REST

Tuesday, March 20th – REST

Wednesday, March 21st –
PM: 50 minutes Zumba

Thursday, March 22nd – REST

Friday, March 23rd – REST

Total Miles: 4


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Workouts 12/18 – 12/23

This is another week of split workouts, Sunday and Monday are in Minnesota and the rest of the week is in San Antonio. It was a little chilly Sunday morning for the track workout but Danica and her sister, who is a very fast runner, were good motivators and we ran a lot farther than I would have run on my own.  I had planned to take my mom & aunt to Zumba at the local YMCA because it is such a fun class, but they were both busy and as it turned out, that was fine because the instructor was injured and couldn’t teach the class. Danica and I lifted some weights instead.

Sunday, December 18 –
AM: Track workout
1 m run to the track
.75 m jog/walk
8 x 200m sprint, 200m rest (:49, :45, :47, :48, :46, :48, :49, :44)
1 m run

.25 walk
1 m run
1.25 walk/run home 

Monday, December 19 –
AM: 3 x 20 walking lunges
3 x 20 squats on fit ball against wall
3 x 20 calf raisers
3 x 20 abs
*pushups, 3×12 reps
Weights – body pump style
*bench press on fit ball, 5lb dumbells,3 x 16 reps
*tricep extension on fit ball, 5lb dumbells, 3 x 16 reps
*tricep press on fit ball, 5lb dumbells, 3 x 16 reps
*bent shoulder fly on fit ball, 5lb dumbells, 3 x 16 reps
*shoulder press on fit ball, 5lb dumbells,  3 x 16 reps
*bicep curls, 8lb dumbells, 3×12 reps
*bent row, 8lb dumbells, 3×10 reps

Tuesday, December 20 –
AM: 1 hr airport walking

Wednesday, December 21 – REST

Thursday, December 22 –
Noon: 40 min walk

Friday, December 23 –
PM: 30 minutes elliptical,
5 min walk cool down
45 min weights – bodypump style
*3×20 walking lunges
*pushups, 3×12 reps
*bench press on fit ball, 12.5lb bar, 4 x 16 reps
*tricep extension on fit ball, 12.5lb bar, 4x 16 reps
*tricep press on fit ball, 12.5lb bar, 4×16 reps
*bent shoulder fly on fit ball, 5lbx 4×16 reps
*shoulder press on fit ball, 5lbs, 4x 16 reps
*bicep curls, 12.5lb bar, 4×16 reps
*bent row, 12.5lb bar, 4x16reps
* abs, 3×20 reps
5 min stretch


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Workouts 10/22-10/28

Saturday, October 22 –
AM: 60 minutes Zumba

PM: volunteered 3 hours in commercial kitchen, standing and making 120 lbs of meatloaf, doesn’t sound like a workout but I was T-I-R-E-D when we were done and sore on Sunday!

Sunday, October 23 –
Leisurely 50 minute walk while talking on the phone

Monday, October 24 –
PM: 6.5 miles in 60 minutes (without socks…oops!), 10 minute walk, 10 minute foam roll & stretch

Tuesday, October 25th – REST (chiropractor)

Wednesday, October 26th –
PM: 5 or 5.5 miles in about 60 minutes – ran with a running group – check out my post here

Thursday, October 27th –
PM: 20 minutes abs

Friday, October 28th-
PM: 4 mile run in 36.01 minutes!! I ran with two girls from work in our work neighborhood. The is a HUGE hill and we decided it would be a good challenge run, and it was! There were no shortages of hills along the whole run and I think the only reason I finished in 36 minutes was because I let myself fly on the downhills, which were almost as big as the up-hills. It was a good, quick run that burned off some stress of the week.

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