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Workouts 3/5 – 3/11

Tuesday, March 5th –
3 mile walk
AdvoCare Core Stretch 24 minute video

Wednesday, March 6th –
4.5 mile run
Stretch/foam roll

Thursday, March 7th –
3.8 mile walk
30 minutes yoga/stretch/foam rolling

Friday, March 8th – REST

Saturday, March 9th –
6 mile run in 56 minutes
5 mile bike ride

Sunday, March 10th –
3 mile walk

Monday, March 11th –
2.5 miles walking at SeaWorld

Total Mile Run: 10.5


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Workouts 4/7 – 4/13

This week was kind of random as far as workouts go, but I was pretty impressed with what I was able to accomplish. Saturday was a beautiful trail run, which you can read more about here. Monday and Tuesday were good days of using my bike for transportation after I got home from work and getting a little sweat on as well. My track workout on Wednesday was my time trial for the upcoming 5k I am running next weekend. I really want to finish under 30 minutes and since the 5k has obstacles, I’m going to have to run fairly fast to meet my goal.

Saturday, March 7th –
AM: 90 minutes trail running
PM: 40 minutes walking to dinner and back

Sunday, March 8th –
Afternoon: 20 minutes walking

Monday, March 9th –
PM: 9 mile bike ride to grocery store, bible study and back home

Tuesday, March 10th –
PM: 8 mile bike ride

Wednesday, March 11th –
PM: Track Workout
5 min walk warm up
1600m 10 minutes
3x1600m (8:00, 8:02, 8:02)
5 min walk cool down
3 x 10 24″ box jumps
50 walking lunges with rear leg lift
100m shuffle (half left leg lead, half right leg lead)
50 m high skipping

Thursday, March 12th –
Noon: 25 minute walk
PM: arm workout
3 x 10 push-ups (triangle, triceps, regular)
3 x 20 (bicep curls, 45 degree curls, hammer curls)
3 x 20 overhead tricep extensions
3 x 10 bent back flys

Friday, March 13th –
AM: 30 minutes yoga

Total Miles: ~10


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Workouts 2/25 – 3/2

Ah, the dreaded taper week before my half-marathon. I really don’t enjoy taper week for so many reasons, which can be summed up by saying it’s hard to eat the same (or a little less) and run WAY less. I know you’re supposed to feel full of energy, but I just feel so much better when I am exercising more. Anyway, it’s taper week and this race has come up very fast and as usual I don’t feel near prepared enough. My runs on Saturday and Tuesday went very well, so I feel confident that I will have a good race, but I would have liked to have run a lot more training miles before this race.

Saturday, February 25th –
Afternoon: 2 mile run
3 x 25 walking lunges
3 x 15 box jumps
3 x 20 squats
3 x 15 calf raises
3.5 mile run home
20 min stretch, foam roll and yoga

Sunday, February 26th –
30 minute round trip bike ride to church

Monday, February 27th –
AM: leg raises
alternating hip bicycles
foam roll

Tuesday, February 28th –
PM: 5.5 mile run
20 min foam roll, stretch and yoga

Wednesday, February 29th –
AM: stretching & yoga
Noon: 20 minute walk

Thursday, March 1st –
Noon: 45 minute walk

Friday, March 2nd –
Noon: 45 minute walk

Total Miles: 7.5

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Workouts 2/18 – 2/24

Saturday, February 18th –
PM: At home weights
3 x 15 calf raises
3 x 15 body weight squats
3 x 15 crunches with legs raised at 90 angle
3 x 10 Lifted hip bicycles
3 x 15 Lying side leg raise – these muscles are VERY weak, this was very difficult for me!
3 x 20 hip lifts
3 x 10 hamstring curls on fit ball
1 round of Lean Arms Pyramid

4 miles in 40 minutes, 5 min walk cool down
15 min foam roll & stretch

Sunday, February 19th –
Afternoon: 60 min body pump class
30 minute round trip to library and home

Monday, February 20th –
Noon: 20 min walk
PM: 6 hrs volunteering at San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo – loaded and unloaded LOTS of bags of wood chips for all the horse show competitors – definitely a workout!

Tuesday, February 21st – REST – chiropractor

Wednesday, February 22nd –
PM: 3 x 15 Lying side leg raise (muscles are still weak, but better than Saturday)
3 x 10 Lifted hip bicycles
15 min foam roll
10 min stretch/yoga

Thursday, February 23rd –
AM: 20 min walk, 15 min stretch & yoga

Friday, February 24th –
Noon: Lean Arms Pyramid x 2
3 x 15 crunches on fit ball
2 x 15 oblique twist with medicine ball
2 miles on treadmill, .5% incline, 5.5-6.0 speed
5 minute cool down & stretch

Total Miles: 6


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Workouts 2/4 – 2/10

This week has been a half-way bust for exercise. I started off good for the weekend, but then I went to the chiropractor Monday, which means no exercise for at least a day. In addition, I worked at the rodeo Wednesday night after I worked all day, which means I was being more active but it made my tired and didn’t leave much time or energy for exercise for the rest of the week. On Friday, I finally decided to get off my butt and do something at lunch, but I learned that running during the workday is just not a good option for me. My left foot fell asleep after about 25 minutes of running and I just didn’t feel good running. I was happier when I finished, which must have been a combination of sweating and sunshine.

Saturday, February 4th –
Afternoon: 7.3 mile run in 66 minutes!!! average pace of 9min/mile
15 min foam roll, stretch and yoga

Sunday, February 5th –
Afternoon: 62 minutes of workout pyramids – thanks Danica for the great routine

Monday, February 6th – REST

Tuesday, February 7th – REST

Wednesday, February 8th –
PM: 6hrs volunteering at San Antonio Rodeo (sitting/standing/walking)

Thursday, February 9th –
PM: 30 min foam roll, stretch

Friday, February 10th – REST
Noon: 5 min walk, 35 min jog, sprint, walk rotations, 20 min walk cool down

Total Miles: ~10


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Workouts 12/10 – 12/17

This week it will be challenging to make time for workouts, but for at least half of it I have a new workout buddy, Danica! She and her fiance/my cousin, J, are visiting San Antonio for an end of semester vacation. I also am heading home to Minnesota mid-week to celebrate an early Christmas with my family.

Saturday, December 10 – 
All Day: 3 hrs walking mostly in the rain (to farmers market, around Riverwalk and to find the car after leaving the Riverwalk)

Sunday, December 11 – 
PM: 15 minutes stairmill, 30 minutes elliptical, 10 min stretch/foam roll

Monday, December 12 –  
PM: Bodypump – Danica and I had never been to this class, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Bodypump is a weight lifting sequence class where you lift to music and luckily this class hit every muscle group. I have decided since I cannot make myself a weights routine and stick to it, I may just start going to bodypump class two or three times a week.

Tuesday, December 13 –
PM: 20 min run to local track
1 lap jog around track
200 m run/sprint, 200 m recover (:47, :49, :48, :46 were my times for the run/sprint) 

20 min run home
15 min yoga/foam roll

Wednesday, December 14 –
PM: 30 min airport walking 

Thursday, December 15 – REST

Friday, December 16 – REST

Saturday, December 17 –
Noon: 1 hour ice skating

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Workouts 11/12 – 11/18

Saturday, November 12-
AM: Quick House cleaning (almost started sweating!)
Afternoon: 20 minutes walking around window shopping

Sunday, November 13 – RACE DAY!!! see my recap here.

Monday, November 14 – REST/RECOVER

Tuesday, November 15 –
PM: 60 minutes Yoga

Wednesday, November 16 – REST

Thursday, November 17 –
Noon: 25 minute walk, 10 minute run, 2 x 20 reps walking lunges, 2 x 10 incline push-ups

Friday, November 18 –
Noon: 20 minute walk
PM: Grocery shopping at three stores….at least 20-30 more minutes of walking

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