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Workouts 8/20 – 8/26

This was an off week for me. Getting back into the groove of work and life after two weeks of vacation was a little tough! Thursday’s Insanity class was the kick in the pants I needed to get myself motivated to work out again. I was very sore on Friday after the class. On Sunday, I had to drop down from my scheduled 18k race to the 10k race because I knew running 11 miles would not be a good idea for me. I took it easy and ran the first two miles nice and slow while chatting with a friend. After that I slowly sped up and at mile 5 I started getting competitive. I kept passing people and took the last mile (all up hill) at a good pace. I felt great after my finish and it made me want to get back into my running routine.

Tuesday, August 20th – OFF

Wednesday, August 21st –
30 pushups

Thursday, August 22nd –
30 minute Insanity class
15 minutes stretching

Friday, August 23rd – OFF

Saturday, August 24th – OFF

Sunday, August 25th –
AuGUSTO 10k – 57:13

Monday, August 26th – OFF

Total Miles: 6.2


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September Squat Challenge

Hi everyone!! I’m joining my first ever exercise “challenge”. I have been needing some discipline in my weightlifting, so when I saw this on Pinterest, I had to join!

So starting September first, I will be logging my squats daily. I’m thinking some days I might use weights and some days just body weight. The directions say to do a reasonable number of squats on the first day and add 5 each day after that. Also, take a before and after picture of your butt to see if squats really do give you a better backside!

Who is joining me???

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Workouts 8/6 – 8/12

Tuesday, August 6th –
3.16 mile run in 32:23

Wednesday, August 7th –2:15 run, 13 miles!

Thursday, August 8th –
3 rounds
20 squats
10 Lunges/leg with arm circles
10 tri-cep push ups
20 toe touches abs
20 leg lifts abs

Friday, August 9th –
60 minute run ~6-7 miles
1 1/2 hours surfing

Saturday, August 10th – OFF
1/2 mile round trip walk to breakfast

Sunday, August 11th – OFF

Monday, August 12th –
1 mile walk

Total Miles: ~24


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Workouts 5/14 – 5/20

Tuesday, May 14th –
3 mile run
100 squats
75 push-ups (15 on toes, rest on knees)
60 calf raises
60 dumbbell curls
80 shoulder presses

Wednesday, May 15th – Crossfit I think – but didn’t write down the workout…maybe it didn’t happen!

Thursday, May 16th –
20 minutes hill sprints

Friday, May 17th – REST

Saturday, May 18th – OFF

Sunday, May 19th –
30 minute run with 10 minutes sprint intervals
15 minutes hitting softball and running after it

Monday, May 20th – REST

Total Miles: ~8


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Workouts 5/7 – 5/13

Well, this is a dissapointing workout log! I did not keep track of what I did and can’t find any other evidence from twitter or facebook. as to what I might have done – so it will remain a mystery! I will say I thoroughly enjoyed biking on Saturday with Ben – we haven’t been out riding in quite a while! My first hot yoga class was also pretty cool. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I knew the instructor and it was exactly what my body needed – to sweat and stretch!

Tuesday, May 7th –


Wednesday, May 8th –


Thursday, May 9th –

Friday, May 10th –

Saturday, May 11th –
12 mile bike ride on Riverwalk

Sunday, May 12th – REST

Monday, May 13 –
75 minutes Hot Mix Yoga aka Bikram yoga


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OCHO + Frappevino = Girl’s Night and Left-overs

Spring break week has begun in Texas, which means my husband-student is traveling to see his brothers. If work, time and money were no object, I would have been sitting next to him on the plane bright and early on Friday morning. But, in light of that, I am trying to make my own spring break fun, which started with girl’s night on Friday. I suggested having girl’s night, and L was great enough to make a real plan. We started off at her house with some appetizers and Frappevino. What is Frappevino you ask? It is basically a frozen wine drink that is very easy to make. 1 bottle of red wine + 1 1/2 bottles of water + Frappevino mix +freezer = Frappevino in about 6 hours.

Frappe Vino

The package said it would only take 3-5 hours, but I left it in the freezer for 12 hours and it was still pretty watery. It is possible that I didn’t stir it enough before freezing, so the contents didn’t mix completely. When a few of us went shopping at the San Antonio Rodeo, we stumbled on the Frappevino vender and upon trying it, we all bought a box of the mix. Getting back to girl’s night, our plan was to walk on the riverwalk to the Cafe de Artistes at the San Antonio Art Museum. Since it was rainy, windy and cold (check out the Alamo Cam below), we decided to go somewhere a little closer, OCHO at the Havana Hotel, also on the riverwalk.

Ben and I had eaten there once last fall. We were trying to walk to another restaurant, but I got too tired and hungry and we stopped at OCHO and were pleasantly surprised.  I ordered the hamburguesa torta with house fries and split an order of churros with J. I haven’t had a churro in FOREVER, and these were amazing. They also came with a mini cup de creme a.k.a. the best espresso you’ll ever have in your life! If only I could learn to make espresso that good.

Girl’s night was a blast, as we did things girls do best: talk, laugh and eat! I got home around 11:45pm and somehow stayed up for another hour reading blogs, checking twitter and being otherwise entertained by social media. This morning I slept in until 11 am and it was amazing. Pumpkin pancakes with almond butter were on my breakfast/lunch menu and then I started our taxes.


After about four hours of that, I cut some coupons, made a shopping list of very necessary items and headed to the gym for a workout. I had been planning on stopping at Sonic to try their new sweet potato tater tots.  Tots are amazing, so sweet potato tots have to be beyond amazing, right?
Photo courtesy of:
Photo courtesy of:

Well, after my workout I was feeling like eating semi-healthy, so I skipped stopping at Sonic and I made some roasted veggies including sweet potatoes, green beans and a few left-over fries from last night. The roasted veggies along with my re-warmed burger made for one of the best meals I have eaten in quite a while. I was in food bliss, and pretty much still am as I write this. I absolutely LOVE left-overs of any kind, but especially really good tasting ones that don’t take too much effort to re-create.

Things I am thankful for today: God providing amazing things for me including: good food, new friends, coupons, and for giving me the strength to workout which makes me want to eat a little healthier.


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