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Workout 4/9 – 4/15

Crossfit on Tuesday totally kicked my butt! I was completely wiped out until Friday, although I did want to workout earlier, I was just too tired. Sometimes you just need rest, and that is pretty much what this week was for me.

Tuesday, April 9th –
Crossfit –
Warm-up: run to guy, stretching, slow squats

WOD: Malcolm’s Madness!
3 rounds of:
21 kettle bell swings (35lbs)
15 Two arm kettle bell squat (hold kettle bell in an extremely odd position on your arm)
400m one arm farmer walk (still holding kettle bell on arm, can switch but it’s really painful either way!)

If you set your kettlebell down during this workout – you must do three burpees – setting it on your shoe is actually putting it down, so I ended up doing burpess. This was an insanely hard workout! I finished in 13:13, and promptly walked out of the gym and went home (grumbling “thank you” to my trainer). No way was I doing the cash-out!

Wednesday, April 10th – REST

Thursday, April 11th – REST

Friday, April 12th –

Saturday, April 13th –
3 mile run, 400 m uphill walking lunges

Sunday, April 14th –
2 mile walk

Monday, April 15th- REST

Total Miles: 3


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Workouts 4/2 – 4/8

Katie was my workout buddy this week and we had lots of fun! We took Pearl for a long walk, went to Katie’s first crossfit class, ran a 5K (new PR for me!!) and went on a trail ride. It was a great work-out week and definitely reminded my why having workout buddies is so great!

Tuesday,  April 2nd – Rest??

Wednesday, April 3rd –
3 Mile walk with Pearl

Thursday, April 4th –

Warm- Up: 300m Row

WOD:  Fight Gone Bad – 3 rounds, 1 minute each exercise, rest 1 minute, repeat 3 times
Hand Stand Let Downs
Thrusters (10lbs)
Toes to Ring
Long Jump Burpees
Dead Lift (65lbs)
63, 65, 69 total reps per round

Cash-out: 1 minute plank

Friday, April 5th –
3 mile walk

Saturday, April 6th –

Sunday, April 7th –
“Bring It On” 5K to benefit Eddie Moreno – Local Student who was shot in a road rage accident

Monday, April 8th –
1 hour trail ride – Thank you Groupon!


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Work posts 2/26 – 3/4

Tuesday, February 26th –
1 min jump rope
Running form exercises
21-15-9 for time
Dead lift 65lbs
Hand stand push ups (or let downs in my case!)
cash out
Team 100 burpees/ 6 100m runs

Wednesday, February 27th –
3.3 mile run

Thursday, February 28th –
1.5 mile run with Pearl
5 mile bike ride

Friday, March 1st –
Warm up with 45 burpees
Run 1.75 miles to track
3 x 10 box jumps 24″
2 x Jog 100m, sprint 100m
100 m walking lunges
4 x jog 100m, sprint 100m
3 set of squat jacks (think of jumping jacks but in a squat position, aka burning thighs!)
2 x jog 100m, sprint 100m
1.75 mile run home

Foam roll & stretch

Saturday, March 2nd – REST

Sunday, March 3rd –
AM: 1 mile walk
PM: 2.4 mile walk

Monday, March 4th –
AM: 1 mile walk
PM: Crossfit
3 rounds 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 squats
21-15-9 Thrusters, Pull-ups
Cash Out: 1 minute each
Plank, Hand Stand hold, Pull-up hold, 50 meter sprints (14)

Total Miles: 9.3

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Workouts 1/29 – 2/4

Hey look, another week of almost NO WORKOUTS!!! Ugh, can I just say that being busy is tough because I don’t have time to work out even though I really want to. Plus, I really wanted to start running but my ankle just wasn’t right.

Tuesday, January 29th – OFF

Wednesday, January 30th – OFF

Thursday, January 31st –
Fight Gone Bad WOD
3 rounds of one minute of each exercise after one round, one minute rest
Thrusters (15lbs)
Overhead walking lunges (25 lbs)
Sumo Upright Row (15lbs)
Toes to Rings

Rounds totals – 92, 95, 75 (I was on the phone for the first minute of the last round, oops!)

 Friday, February 1st – OFF?

Saturday, February 2nd – OFF

Sunday, February 3rd – Superbowl Party

Monday, February 4th –
3 mile walk/run (more walking than running because my ankle was still hurting)
Arm/Ab Workout – 60 jump ropes in between each set of exercises (aka TONS of Jump roping!)
3 x 12 Incline chest press (15lbs)
3 x 12 Incline chest fly (8lbs)
3 x 12 Incline overhead tricep extension (8lbs)
3 x 12 Upright row with curl bar (15lbs?)
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 reps of overhead dumbbell pull and hip lift

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Workouts 10/9 – 10/15

This week was pretty good as far as workouts were concerned. My stomach was not cooperating but it didn’t stop me from working out. I think everything is almost back to normal, a week after accidentally eating cheese. UGH, lesson learned from that one! My long run today was challenging but I finished feeling pretty good, even after taking a wrong turn and adding an extra half mile!

Tuesday, October 9th –
Total body workout with heavy weights adapted from Don’t worry, I didn’t do ALL of these exercises as prescribed. I did most of the legs, about two rounds of chest/tri/shoulders and two rounds of some of the back/bicep exercises. I was a little short on time and quite tired after I finished legs!

Quickie Leg Blast
Chest/Tricep/Shoulder Workout
Back/Bicep Workout

Wednesday, October 10th –
PM: ~2 miles
5 minute warm up
5 x hill runs, walk/jog recovery

TABATA warm-up of: 8x 20 seconds “Texas Twists“, 10 seconds rest

WOD: 8:03


Thursday, October 11th –
PM: 4 mile run

Friday, October 12th –
3 mile run

Saturday, October 13th – OFF

Sunday, October 14th –
AM: 5 mile bike ride
PM: 3 mile run

Monday, October 15th –
AM: 10.5 mile run,(1:45:40) .5 mile walk cool down
foam rolling and stretching

Total Miles: 19.5

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