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Workouts 10/16 – 10/22

I made it through week 6 of marathon training. Luckily, this was a slow down week because I was naturally tired and not wanting to run very much.

Tuesday, October 16th –
PM: 6 x 20 second high knee sprints with 10 seconds rest

Wednesday, October 17th – OFF

Thursday, October 18th –
PM: 5 miles

Friday, October 19th – OFF

Saturday, October 20th –
PM: 2.5 miles

Sunday, October 21st –
PM: 5 miles in 47 minutes
JillFit weight lifting routine from last week, two rounds each, except for back/bicep routine

Monday, October 22nd –
PM: 4 miles
“No Name WOD”


Total Miles: 15


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Workouts 10/9 – 10/15

This week was pretty good as far as workouts were concerned. My stomach was not cooperating but it didn’t stop me from working out. I think everything is almost back to normal, a week after accidentally eating cheese. UGH, lesson learned from that one! My long run today was challenging but I finished feeling pretty good, even after taking a wrong turn and adding an extra half mile!

Tuesday, October 9th –
Total body workout with heavy weights adapted from Don’t worry, I didn’t do ALL of these exercises as prescribed. I did most of the legs, about two rounds of chest/tri/shoulders and two rounds of some of the back/bicep exercises. I was a little short on time and quite tired after I finished legs!

Quickie Leg Blast
Chest/Tricep/Shoulder Workout
Back/Bicep Workout

Wednesday, October 10th –
PM: ~2 miles
5 minute warm up
5 x hill runs, walk/jog recovery

TABATA warm-up of: 8x 20 seconds “Texas Twists“, 10 seconds rest

WOD: 8:03


Thursday, October 11th –
PM: 4 mile run

Friday, October 12th –
3 mile run

Saturday, October 13th – OFF

Sunday, October 14th –
AM: 5 mile bike ride
PM: 3 mile run

Monday, October 15th –
AM: 10.5 mile run,(1:45:40) .5 mile walk cool down
foam rolling and stretching

Total Miles: 19.5

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Workouts 12/18 – 12/23

This is another week of split workouts, Sunday and Monday are in Minnesota and the rest of the week is in San Antonio. It was a little chilly Sunday morning for the track workout but Danica and her sister, who is a very fast runner, were good motivators and we ran a lot farther than I would have run on my own.  I had planned to take my mom & aunt to Zumba at the local YMCA because it is such a fun class, but they were both busy and as it turned out, that was fine because the instructor was injured and couldn’t teach the class. Danica and I lifted some weights instead.

Sunday, December 18 –
AM: Track workout
1 m run to the track
.75 m jog/walk
8 x 200m sprint, 200m rest (:49, :45, :47, :48, :46, :48, :49, :44)
1 m run

.25 walk
1 m run
1.25 walk/run home 

Monday, December 19 –
AM: 3 x 20 walking lunges
3 x 20 squats on fit ball against wall
3 x 20 calf raisers
3 x 20 abs
*pushups, 3×12 reps
Weights – body pump style
*bench press on fit ball, 5lb dumbells,3 x 16 reps
*tricep extension on fit ball, 5lb dumbells, 3 x 16 reps
*tricep press on fit ball, 5lb dumbells, 3 x 16 reps
*bent shoulder fly on fit ball, 5lb dumbells, 3 x 16 reps
*shoulder press on fit ball, 5lb dumbells,  3 x 16 reps
*bicep curls, 8lb dumbells, 3×12 reps
*bent row, 8lb dumbells, 3×10 reps

Tuesday, December 20 –
AM: 1 hr airport walking

Wednesday, December 21 – REST

Thursday, December 22 –
Noon: 40 min walk

Friday, December 23 –
PM: 30 minutes elliptical,
5 min walk cool down
45 min weights – bodypump style
*3×20 walking lunges
*pushups, 3×12 reps
*bench press on fit ball, 12.5lb bar, 4 x 16 reps
*tricep extension on fit ball, 12.5lb bar, 4x 16 reps
*tricep press on fit ball, 12.5lb bar, 4×16 reps
*bent shoulder fly on fit ball, 5lbx 4×16 reps
*shoulder press on fit ball, 5lbs, 4x 16 reps
*bicep curls, 12.5lb bar, 4×16 reps
*bent row, 12.5lb bar, 4x16reps
* abs, 3×20 reps
5 min stretch


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