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Workouts 7/2-7/8

Ah, the workout log I never posted so I don’t fully remember what I did. Well, that’s just typical of me, but even though I was travelling to Minnesota this week, I did get some good workouts in. I probably should do a whole post on the 4th of July and the Burpee Bean Bags that took place, along with all the other things that the health conscious family members did while we were together. Hm, maybe in month. Ok but really, if you read my blog you know I can be terrible about keeping up with it!

Tuesday July 7 – ??

Wednesday July 3rd- OFF

Thursday, July 4th –
10 minutes swim
22 minute run
Burpee bags (100 burpees, 20 push-ups, 50 squats)

Friday July 5th –
1 mile walk

Saturday July 6th –
5.75 miles in 51 minutes

Sunday July 7th –
9.02 miles 1:21

Monday July 8th- off

Total Miles: 16.77


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Workouts 8/13 – 8/19

This week’s workout is the ultimate cross-training and random activity work-out log. We spent the weekend in Dallas, and although I brought my running clothes, I wasn’t really in the mood to go running. I also have developed a very low shin splint on my left leg, so I don’t want to over do the running right now. I want to focus on strengthening and stretching and hopefully keep injury free. I start my half-marathon training in about a month and will run the 13.1 miles on November 13th.

Saturday, August 13
90 minutes walking
20 minutes basketball
20 minutes leisurely tennis

Sunday, August 14 – 30 minutes water exercises

Monday, August 15 – Rest

Tuesday, August 16
AM: Run 20 minutes, walk 5 minutes

Noon: Arms
On Stability Ball:
Seated Shoulder Press 3x15reps 5#
90° Tricep Pull 3x10reps 8#
Seated Side Raise 3×10 reps 5#
Tricep Extension 3x10reps 8#
One Arm Chest Fly 3x10reps 5#
Decline Push-Ups 3×5 reps
Bicep Curls palms up 3x20reps 8#
Bicep Curls palms down 3x20reps 8#,
Bicep Curls thumbs out 3x20reps 8#
Lying 90°Rotating lift(Lie on side, hold weight in hand, arm bent at 90°angle, forearm parallel to floor, keep elbow at side, rotate arm until perpendicular to floor, lower to starting position)  – 3x10reps 5#
Abs: 100 reps total various exercises

Wednesday, August 17Noon: Swim

1 lap each: breaststroke, backstroke, right side stroke, left side stroke, freestyle, backstroke – kicking only

Thursday, August 18Noon: Arms & 10 min Swim

On Stability Ball:
Seated Shoulder Press 3x15reps 5#
90° Tricep Pull 3x15reps 5#
Seated Side Raise 3×10 reps 5#
Tricep Extension 3x10reps 5#
One Arm Chest Fly 3x10reps 5#
Bicep Curls palms up 1x20reps 5#
Bicep Curls palms down 1x20reps 5#
Bicep Curls thumbs out 1x20reps 5#

1 lap each: Freestyle kick only, Backward kick only, breaststroke kick only, right side stroke kick only(1/2 lap), left side stroke kick only (1/2 lap), Freestyle kick only, all done with kickboard and normal backstroke arms & legs.

Friday, August 19
AM: Walk/Run 26 minutes
3 min walk warm up
9:50 mile
9:40 mile
3 min cool down

Noon: 20 minute Crossfit-ish workout
50 Jumping Jacks
50 Ball Squats
50 Push-Ups(25 decline, 25 reg)
50 Sit-ups
50 12″ Box Jumps
50 Walking Lunges
50 Jumping Jacks – 20 minutes

PM: 60 min walk, 20 min yoga

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