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Alamo 13.1 Half Marathon Recap

Fight to the Finish! That is the motto of the Alamo 13.1 half marathon and that is just what I did. I signed up for this race because it was in San Antonio and it ran right through my neighborhood. I also was hoping some of my friends would run with me because it is always fun to run with friends. One friend signed up and we were going to run together – until she got hurt a month ago. Another friend signed up for her first half, and almost didn’t run – but I told her I would run the whole thing with her and make sure she finished. My pre-race eating was pretty normal, but I did eat extra carbs in the form of sweet potatoes and bites of cupcakes. Ben was awesome and grilled chicken for my pre-race dinner.


Grilled Chicken & Sweet Potato Pre-race dinner

I had a very relaxed morning getting ready for the race – so relaxed I even folded some laundry! I did have an outfit crisis because it was extremely windy and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees overnight to 45!!!! That is cold for Texas at the end of March! About an hour before the race start, I got excited and a little nervous. I contemplated how I was going to keep my friend motivated to finish and even possibly running my own race (I’m horribly selfish!). I couldn’t just leave her though – I had committed to running with her and make sure she finished and I had to stand by what I said. She and her husband picked me up and he dropped us off near the start. We jogged around the Alamo to warm up and then got in line for the porta-pottys.


Pre-race with the Alamo in the background


The crowd lining up for the race


Mile 2 Going over the historic Hays St Bridge – love the cheeta pants on the right!

Mile 3

Mile 3

Trucking at Mile 4

Trucking at Mile 4

The Husbands a.k.a. Our Bike-Riding, Photo-taking Cheer Squad

The Husbands a.k.a. Our Bike-Riding, Photo-taking Cheer Squad

We started off at an easy pace, but M started having trouble with her feet falling asleep almost immediately. She had gotten new compression socks but they were too tight and not working for her. We probably walked about a mile in the first three and around mile 4 she ended up taking off her socks. After the sock stop, we began the climb up Stadium Drive and through the Trinity University campus – very up and down for 3 miles! We both took a Rehydrate Gel at mile 7 and I drank Spark through the first 6 miles. This was one time I was glad to walk the uphills! While we were trekking up and down the hills, our awesome husbands biked to our house and got her another pair of socks and at mile 9 she was able to change and we were able to keep up a steady run. At mile 9 I ate a Advobar RAW and M had another Rehydrate Gel.


Mile 10 on the Riverwalk near the San Antonio Art Museum

We had a few porta-potty stops during the race, the last one around Mile 11. After that it was heads down and run to the finish. M was getting tired so we took a couple walk breaks, but powered through the last 1.5 miles and gave it all we had to cross the finish! Our final time ended up being 2:50 – a little longer than her goal of 2:30, but the whole sock thing slowed us down.

Almost done!

Almost done!

Crossing the finish line...bad picture!

Crossing the finish line…bad picture!



Victory!!! Just like the first time in 1836..only this time the Texans won!

Victory!!! Just like the first time in 1836..only this time the Texans won!

I had a lot of fun helping M reach her goal and sticking with her to encourage her. This race really made me think running a full marathon is possible because with the slower pace I felt really good at the end and probably could have kept going. That is definitely not a feeling I have had in the past, so this was a great race for me as well. We enjoyed a post-race breakfast at Madhatter’s and followed it up with a great church service.


Dean Scram at Madhatter’s

I’m just chilling out at home for the rest of the day and trying not to eat all the salty food I’m craving. My post-race massage is tomorrow morning and I am very excited! I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


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Workouts 12/11-12/24

Ah, how I need to remember to write my workouts down after I do them! I got so busy at work during the holidays season that I completely forgot to write up my workouts. Now I can barely remember what I did last week, let alone the 2nd week of December. I’m sure I took our dog for a few runs/walks but I know it was rainy for almost a whole week and being so busy at work meant I was sleeping a LOT instead of working out.

Tuesday, December 11th –
3 mile run

Wednesday, December 12th –
20 minute walk with dog??

Thursday, December 13th –
~5 mile run

Friday, December 14th – ??

Saturday, December 15th – ??

Sunday, December 16th –
6 mile run on the riverwalk

Monday, December 17th –
3 mile walk

Tuesday, December 18th –
20 minute walk
20 minute body weight leg workout
15 minutes arm workout
8 minute mile pace workout:
4 x 100m repeat with 100m rest
4 x 200m repeat with 100m rest

Wednesday, December 19th – REST

Thursday, December 20th –
3 mile walk

Friday, December 21st – REST

Saturday, December 22nd –
Afternoon: 5 mile run
Evening: 3 mile walk

Sunday, December 23rd – REST

Monday, December 24th – REST

Total Miles: ~ 15


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Workouts 9/18 – 9/24

Week 2 of marathon training is done. I took it a little easy on the running this week, but I’m really trying to ease back into it. I have run more in two weeks than I had in the past two months! I am really enjoying having a workout schedule to follow again.

Tuesday, September 18 – OFF

Wednesday, September 19 –
Noon: 3 mile run and workout on Riverwalk
3 x 10 box jumps
3 x 9 decline pushups
3 x 15 dips
3 x 20 calf raises
3 x 8 side/front/back kicks, each leg
3 x 16 skull crushers
3 x 10 bent row with brick
3 x 10 bi-cep curl with brick
3 x 10 tricep extension with brick
3 x 10 shoulder presses with brick
100 + shoulder repeats (kind of like arm circles)
1 mile walk home
20 minutes foam roll

Thursday, September 20 –
5 mile run – this did not happen. I’m trying to make sure I ease into running and don’t cause injury by running too much too fast. I will add Thursday runs in later in my training.

Friday, September 21 –
Afternoon: 4 mile run on Riverwalk
arms/abs workout
15 minutes foam roll

Saturday, September 22 – OFF

Sunday, September 23 –
Evening: 3 mile run 7 mile bike ride

Monday, September 24 –
AM: 7 mile run in 1:13, I’m pretty happy with this! I was worried about the distance and the route, but it worked out really well and I found a great new place to run in San Antonio.

Total Miles: 14


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Marathon Training – Day 1

I wanted to write a quick post about my first day of marathon training. This is still pretty crazy and I can’t quite believe I’m really going to run a marathon. I’m just going to take it one day at a time and if I do well with training, then I’ll be running.

Today’s workout was 3 miles, which I ran after work on the Riverwalk. It was a nice flat route, but it was pretty warm at 1:30 this afternoon! I have run about 5 times in the last two weeks, but luckily my legs and feet are feeling pretty good. After my run, I spent about 10 minutes foam rolling and then searched the kitchen for lunch. Tuna salad came to my rescue, I opened a can and added lots of chopped veggies including, onions, bell peppers, celery, jicama and avocado with a little Tony’s seasoning.

What crazy/out-of-the-ordinary things are you beginning this fall?


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Workouts 9/8 – 9/17

You might have noticed that the dates are longer than a week for this workout log. I have jumped off the edge into craziness, and am starting training for a marathon! My training weeks will run Tuesday – Monday, to coincide with my work schedule. We’ll see how it goes to do long runs on Monday, the last day of my weekend. I might switch them back to Sunday, but I’ll have to see how the training goes. Ah! I can’t really believe I’m doing this. Good, bad or other, I do have an option out because I haven’t actually registered for the marathon yet.

Saturday, September 8 –
3 mile walk for the American Heart Association

Sunday, September 9 –
3.86 mile run
10 walking lunges
10 walking lunges with rear leg lift
10 walking lunges with front knee lift
10 incline push-ups
20 calf raisers
10 push-ups
20 calf raisers
10 decline push-ups
20 calf raisers
3 x 10 bench dips
3 x 10 squats
100 abs reps

Monday, September 10 –
PM: 5 mile bike ride

Tuesday, September 11 – OFF

Wednesday, September 12 –
Afternoon: 3 mile run

Thursday, September 13 –
3 mile run did not happen, I was just too tired

Friday, September 14 –
4 mile run on Riverwalk
*3 x 15 squats
*3 x 12 lunges each leg
*3 x 20 calf raisers
*3 x 10 lying hip bridges
*3 x 10 hip lifts
*3 x 15 oblique twist
*3 x 15 bicycle legs only, chest lifted

Saturday, September 15 – OFF

Sunday, September 16 –
.25 mile walk warm-up
3 mile run
Arm workout 3 round of each:
8 assisted pull-ups
10 decline push-ups
12 single arm row (17.5 lb)
8 bicep curl/wide curl/hammer curl (12.5)
10 lying triceps extension (10)
10 shoulder press (12.5)
10 side DB raise (7.5)
10 upright DB row (10)

20 oblique twist (25)
20 fit ball crunch with 12lb med ball press
Plank with 20 toe taps and 20 seconds hold

Monday, September 17 –
Noon: 6 miles !!!! ah…I ran 5.6 outside and walked the last .4 or so because I forgot my route and didn’t quite run far enough before getting back to the gym
3 x 8 Leg press with 50 lbs
3 x 10 squat jumps
3 x 10 lunges each leg (30,30,40 lbs)
15 each side oblique bends (25lb plate)
3 x 20 calf raises
3 x 10 wide plie jumps
20 minutes foam rolling

Total Miles: 19.86

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Workouts 5/19 – 6/1

I forgot to post my workouts for two weeks…and of course I can’t really remember what I have been doing for the last two weeks other than not blogging!

Saturday, May 19th –
AM: 6.65 mile run in 1:07:21 – this was supposed to be an actual 10k race but those plans didn’t workout

Sunday, May 20th – REST

Monday, May 21st –
PM: 1.5 hours mini golf – not really exercise, but activity

Tuesday, May 22nd – Travel day
Afternoon: 30 minutes airport walking

Wednesday, May 23rd – REST

Thursday, May 24th –
Noon: 30 minute walk?? I think so but am not really sure

Friday, May 25th –
PM: 50 minute run?? might have done this Thursday night

Saturday, May 26th –
AM: 40 minute walk to farmers market and home

Sunday, May 27th – ACTIVE REST
Noon: mall walking/grocery shopping

Monday, May 28th –
Afternooon: house cleaning and arm workout

Tuesday, May 29th – REST

Wednesday, May 30th –
PM: Arm & Ab workout

Thursday, May 31st –
PM: 14 mile bike ride on Riverwalk

Friday, June 1st – REST

Total Miles: 11.65

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Workouts 6/16-6/22

This was get-back-into-working-out week and I was pretty successful. I was very happy that I got two arm workouts, two leg workouts (outside during my lunch hour) and some good cardio in. I have been pretty stuck on run/walks but it is slowly getting me back into running, and allowing me to catch up with friends or family on the phone! Yay for exercising phone dates.

Saturday –
AM: 45 minute walk on Riverwalk
15 minute walk around Farmer’s market

Sunday –
AM: 90 minute run/walk on Riverwalk (6.6 miles)
15 minutes foam roll/stretch

Monday –
Noon: Arm workout
3 x 10 assisted pull-ups (60 lbs on machine)
3 x 10 push-ups
3 x 20 medicine ball twist
3 x 10 db chest press on fit ball (12 lbs)
3 x 10 db one arm row on fit ball (12 lbs)
3 x 10 lat pull down (40 lbs)
3 x 10 standing oblique crunches (25lbs)
3 x 10 seated cable row (30 lbs)
3 x 10 froggy extension on weight bench

Tuesday –
Noon: Leg workout
5 minute run warm up
5 minute walk
20 (each leg) alternating walking lunges
20 alternating walking lunges with rear leg lift
1 hill sprint (2 minutes)
20 alternating backward walking lunges
3 x 10 squats with 1/2 cinderblock over head
3 x 10 single leg squat on rock
15 minute walk cool down

Wednesday, June 20th –
Noon: 30 minute walk at lunch
3 x 12 chair dips

PM: Arm workout all with 5 lb weights
3 x 10 shoulder press
3 x 10 bicep curls with band &weights
3 x 10 tricep kickback
3 x 10 rear deltoid raise
3 x 10 front/side raise combo
3 x 20 hip lifts
3 x 20 leg raise with v at bottom
3 x 20 double crunch with leg extension
T arm raises with 1lb weights til failure
extended arm twists with 1 lb weight til failure

Thursday, June 21st –
Noon: 3 x 20 walking lunges
3 hill sprint repeats
3 x 10 squat with bicep curl
3 x 10 single leg calf raises
3 x 10 single leg lunge

Friday, June 22nd –
Noon: 40 minute elliptical workout (incline, resistance)
5 minutes warm up (5,5)
1 minute (20, 5) first 30 seconds medium speed, sprint last 30 seconds
1 minute (19,5) recover for 30 seconds, sprint 30 seconds
1 minute (18,6)…repeat until minute 10 starts
at minute 10, 5 minutes back pedal (1,5 increasing to 7) return to forward pedal
1 minute (10,7)
1 minute(9,7)…repeat until get to (1,12)
5 minutes back pedal (1,5 increasing to 7)
5 minutes forward (5, 7) gradually increasing speed and end with sprint.
5 minute cool down walk on treadmill

Total Miles: ~8


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