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Siclovía Sunday

Siclovía fell on September 29th this year. We have been attending the event for two years now, once in the spring and once in the fall. The first Siclovía was a great event and we had so much fun riding our bikes in the street with out traffic. About a year later when we went to Siclovía, we met Pearl for the first time! This year, nothing too special happened during the event. But I did have a personal distance record of running 16 miles earlier in the day, and then was able to ride my bike 5.6 miles afterwards!!

Siclovia Postcard

The day started out rainy, but it stopped around 8 am and the rest of the day was cool, overcast with a beautiful breeze. It doesn’t sound that amazing, but trust me, it is a needed break from the last three months of upper 90’s and 100 degree days! Surprisingly, there weren’t as many people out for the event as I would have imagined. I guess everyone thought it was going to rain again. We took a short ride up to the end of the route, said hello to my fellow running friends and then proceeded down the route to church.

We are in the middle of a sermon series entitled, “Survey Says” because a few weeks ago a survey was taken asking everyone in the services what issues they would like to hear addressed on Sundays. Last week, there was a sermon on suffering and this week it was about God’s will, specifically, what are we supposed to be doing with our lives. It was a great sermon with good pointers on making decisions in a wise way and also understanding that God doesn’t give us the whole picture, just the next step. Kind of like when you use a flashlight, you can’t see everything, just a few feet in front of you.


On our way home, we stopped at the Boiler House in the Pearl Brewery complex to get brunch. They have an amazing menu, but our favorite is definitely brunch. I got the Hangover Hash, to cure my running hangover from earlier in the day! Ben chose the S’mores French Toast, sugary heaven of french toast covered in nutella with marshmallows, berries and ice cream. C-R-A-Z-Y! Sorry for the small picture – I had to copy it from their website because I was too hungry to take pictures of my own!

Although I didn’t take a picture of my meal, it was exactly what I wanted and I had no problem downing ALL of it! We are so blessed to live in an area with amazing restaurants!

How was your Sunday? What new foods or restaurants have you tried lately?


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Birthday Celebration

My birthday was actually earlier this week, but I am learning that now a days, the actual date doesn’t matter, it’s when you celebrate that counts. Last year Christmas was before and after the 25th because that is when we could celebrate with our families. This year I was determined to plan something and hang out with people because it seems that if you don’t, nothing will just happen on its own.

I decided to celebrate on Saturday, since another friend was having a party on Friday. I also had to work Saturday morning so I didn’t want to be tired from a Friday party. It just happened that the San Antonio Riverwalk Association Lucky Duck Race was on Saturday. The race was held at the Pearl Brewery, which is very close to our house. This is not a running race, but an actual race of rubber ducks down the San Antonio River! I adopted a duck which benefited the local homeless shelter, Haven for Hope.

We missed the start of the race, but luckily the river isn’t flowing very fast and rubber ducks don’t swim too fast. About half of the ducks went over the small falls on the river and got a big head start on the others.

And they’re off!

The others took the slower, scenic path and meandered down the first stretch of the race.

Slow, scenic route

And some ducks took a wrong turn and just got stuck in traffic!

Dead End!

Making their way to the finish line

Ben & I enjoying the race.

Wrong way!

Why are all these funny-looking ducks in my river?

In the end, my duck did not win, place or show (first, second, and third for non-horsey people). I am happy to have participated in this good cause, and really should have bought more ducks. I hope you can join my team next year and adopt some ducks for a good cause! After the race we went home for a little while to watch the beginning of the University of Texas football game. Next stop, Alamo Street Eat Bar for dinner, hanging out and watching football. This is a food truck park in an old drive-in located in Southtown.

This has definitely become one of our favorite places to eat and have a relaxing dinner in San Antonio. We enjoy the variety of food trucks because each of us gets to eat what we want, even if it’s completely different cuisine! If you haven’t checked out food trucks lately, you should! They are becoming very popular and serve gourmet food at a reasonable price. My Minnesota friend was the first to show up, even before me! That is what happens when you have lived in the south for a while…you just learn to show up exactly on time, or usually a little late. I enjoyed some Korean Takos from @takoriya truck. There were several burgers and one veggie burger from @attaboyburgers, some HUGE sushi rolls from a new truck (@ZumSushi) I haven’t tried and some gyros from @wheeliegourmet.

Chatting it up around the table

My friend L asked if she could bake me a cake, to which I replied, “Of course!” She is a great cook and makes the main dish for our Monday small group each week. She was so sweet and even asked what I could eat – chocolate and no dairy please!

Perfect Birthday Cake

Check that out! If you can’t see too well, it’s a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting decorated with Kit-Kat’s on the sides and M&M’s on top. Just what a girl needs to round out a birthday dinner.

I had a wonderful birthday earlier in the week and I had a wonderful birthday celebration with friends Saturday night. I missed my family and friends who couldn’t be there, but I am so blessed to have good friends in San Antonio.

Thank you Lord for one more year of life, please guide me in the next year to do Your will and bring you Glory.


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Workouts 9/18 – 9/24

Week 2 of marathon training is done. I took it a little easy on the running this week, but I’m really trying to ease back into it. I have run more in two weeks than I had in the past two months! I am really enjoying having a workout schedule to follow again.

Tuesday, September 18 – OFF

Wednesday, September 19 –
Noon: 3 mile run and workout on Riverwalk
3 x 10 box jumps
3 x 9 decline pushups
3 x 15 dips
3 x 20 calf raises
3 x 8 side/front/back kicks, each leg
3 x 16 skull crushers
3 x 10 bent row with brick
3 x 10 bi-cep curl with brick
3 x 10 tricep extension with brick
3 x 10 shoulder presses with brick
100 + shoulder repeats (kind of like arm circles)
1 mile walk home
20 minutes foam roll

Thursday, September 20 –
5 mile run – this did not happen. I’m trying to make sure I ease into running and don’t cause injury by running too much too fast. I will add Thursday runs in later in my training.

Friday, September 21 –
Afternoon: 4 mile run on Riverwalk
arms/abs workout
15 minutes foam roll

Saturday, September 22 – OFF

Sunday, September 23 –
Evening: 3 mile run 7 mile bike ride

Monday, September 24 –
AM: 7 mile run in 1:13, I’m pretty happy with this! I was worried about the distance and the route, but it worked out really well and I found a great new place to run in San Antonio.

Total Miles: 14


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Nao – Celebration dinner

Ben and I started our weekend with a nice dinner out to celebrate my new job! We had been wanting to try out the new Culinary Institue of America restaurant, Nao, at the Pearl Brewery. It’s motto is “New, World Flavors.” It had a soft opening at the beginning of summer, but the grand opening was just two weekends ago. I was worried that would mean we would have a hard time getting a reservation, but luckily, they had room for us on Saturday. We started off with a couple of drinks, Ben with a spicy rum drink and I had a mango tequila drink. After reading the menu about 5 times, and asking several questions, we were ready to order. We chose a pre-fixe menu that came with one cold appetizer, one warm appetizer and a main entre. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the names of these dishes, but I kind of remember what was in them!

I started out with a fish ceviche in a pool of spicy green sauce and wonderful veggie relish.


Ben had a sushi-style crab roll with Peruvian potatoes as the shell with avocado garnish.


Next up were the warm appetizers. Ben enjoyed the Tyaluda, consisting of rotisserie pork shoulder, onion, tomato and spinach on a dark, rich mole sauce. The pork shoulder was so tender and was perfectly marinated.


My warm appetizer was a yucca roll stuffed with duck confit – so awesome!! I tried not to eat them all to save room for my main dish, but I could have had about 20 because they were so good!


Steak with tamal and spinach salad was Ben’s main dish of choice. The steak must have been great because I didn’t get a chance to try it before he ate it all! I loved the tamal (corn cake)!


I had a divine red snapper fillet on a bed of nopales. Red snapper is one of my favorite types of fish! Nopales (prickly pear cactus) are growing on me, but they have to be prepared just right.


At this point, I was so happy with everything. The portion sizes were just perfect and I was just full, and so amazed at the quality of all of the dishes. I want to go back every weekend and try everything on the menu! We didn’t really need to get dessert, but when a chocolate mousse filled chocolate cake with a side of chocolate sorbet is on the menu, you just go for it!


We ended the evening watching the sun go down at a park a few blocks away from our house. It was the perfect way to celebrate my new job and perfect way to start our Labor Day weekend.


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What happened in December 2011?

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I only wrote work-out log blog posts. I have to say, when I wrote the “Let the Race Begin” blog, I didn’t think that would also include NO blog writing. It truly has been a race to the end of the year, and I am looking forward to a busy, fun-filled week and hopefully a very relaxing New Year’s Eve! So, what have I been doing in the month of December?


Ben’s work Christmas party at the Lone Star Palace! It was a fun night filled with great company, great food and great views.


The next day, I left Ben at home to study for finals and headed up near Austin for my friend’s wedding. It was an overcast day and there was on and off rain, but that didn’t stop them from having a beautiful wedding ceremony and a hopping wedding dance. I loved the venue they chose for their wedding. It was on a little farm/ranch with animals and country decor. Hot Apple Pie was their signature drink, which was great for a cool, rainy day, and the wedding meal was catered by Salt Lick BBQ (best BBQ ribs I’ve ever had!).  

The beautiful bride

I got back into San Antonio in time to do some more dancing to Celebrate my friend LC’s birthday! It was exactly my type of music, almost 100% rap, but we still had a great time. I think I danced for 4+hours that day!

The following Friday, my cousin J & his fiance, Danica, came into San Antonio for a short visit/vacation. We had a lot of fun. Friday night we went out with some of Ben’s law school classmates to Cha-Cho’s for margaritas, King-Kong nachos (one full order fed 8 people and there was some left over!) and celebrating the end of finals and another successful semester.

On Saturday we walked down to the Pearl Brewery to check out the Farmer’s Market. I had read there was Gingerbread house making going on, and we took full advantage of making gingerbread houses! Ben and I sat for an hour building my gingerbread house and his gingerbread church, and just to be clear, we did not help each other, except in sharing frosting and decorating toppings. This was one of the most fun things we have done together. I was totally surprised that Ben enjoyed this because he normally is not a details person. I could have sat there for another hour, but everyone else was ready to go, so I finished up my house and we went home. Next stop was the Alamo and La Paloma Riverwalk for lunch. I had a HUGE bowl of tortilla soup and pretty good flour tortillas. 




Church, Rudy’s BBQ, downtown Boerne and Sister Creek Vineyards are all on the “been there, done that” list for Sunday. We had to make sure our guests got some tradition Texas BBQ while they were here. When you hear “BBQ” up north, sloppy joes are generally what comes to mind. Of course in Texas, BBQ means smoked brisket, ribs, chicken, turkey, sausage and various other meats. We checked out LOTS of little shops on Main St. in Boerne and we also walked around their Christmas vendor fair in the town square. We stopped at a local bakery and I got an amazing brownie, which I was going to share with Ben, but the nut content meant he could not share it with me, oops! Next stop was Sister Creek Vineyards to taste some wines. It was a small winery and Danica and I shared an 8 wine tasting for $6. There was one white wine that she liked and bought and I liked a few of the red wines. I purchased one of them for a Christmas present. 

I worked my tail off Monday through Wednesday so we could head to the airport Wednesday afternoon and fly home to MN! I have to say it was the worst flying day Ben and I have ever experienced but we were so lucky that my sister and cousin came to pick us up from Minneapolis at 1:30 AM on Thursday morning. My mom bought us one hour massages for Thursday afternoon which was a much-needed treat! Friday we set up the Christmas tree and had dinner with my college friend and I got to meet her daughter for the first time.

We hit up Applebee’s half-apps with my friends who are getting married in two weeks!! I was able to attend her bridal shower when I was home as well.

Saturday was a fun-filled day at the family lake cabin. My uncle got ice skates for all the cousins, and almost all of us went skating on the lake, Ben included! I was surprised he went on the lake, but we had tons of fun. I had almost forgotten how much I love ice skating! We had the traditional mexican dinner, beef and chicken enchiladas, beef tacos, mango salsa, black bean salsa and guacamole; followed and preceded by desserts of caramel corn, almond bark popcorn, puppy chow, almond bark pretzels, hot chocolate, coffee and hot apple cider. We ended the day opening presents by the fire and watching Santa Clause 2.

Ben went ice skating on a FROZEN lake!!!


Cousin Picture

Family Picture at Sunset

Winter sunset at the Lake

Sunday was brunch with the cousins and some time “laying out” in the sun because it was an almost unheard of 55 degrees on December 18th!  It was Ben’s first time coming to MN in the winter, but he did not get the typical Minnesota winter experience. This is probably a good thing because he will be more open to coming back next year! When everyone headed home, my family went home to have Christmas together. My parents gave us way too many presents (as usual) but we had fun and enjoyed an early Christmas morning simulation together. 

"laying out" in the December sun

MN Winter isn't so bad after all!

Monday we packed up and headed to Sioux Falls to do a little exchanging and shopping. We enjoyed HuHot Mongolian grill with my aunt. We were up early for a 6AM flight back to San Antonio, and as soon as we arrived both Ben and I headed back to work.  The rest of the week was filled with work, eating out and sleeping. Thursday night I was so tired that I fell asleep on the couch at 6:45 and went to bed at 7:45 and didn’t get up until 7 the next morning!

What were some of your best memories from this past December?

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