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Happy 4th of July


Wow, long time no blog. Sorry to my followers for being a boring blogger lately!

Anyway, happy 4th of July everyone! This is a special holiday to me because it is the time our family (anyone related or friends are invited) gathers at the lake cabin in Minnesota. Since moving to Texas, I have been able to go home every year, except this year. I was already home twice in early summer, for my sister’s birthday and a wedding, so I wasn’t too bummed because we had lots of family time.

As I’m writing this, Ben and I are traveling to MN. We are going home on the 4th of July to be with family and celebrate my Grandma Noni’s life, who passed away last weekend. It’s an unexpected trip for an unexpected and very sad reason, but I’m thankful we’re going home. We are all going to miss her greatly. Unfortunately, we are having a bad travel day and were supposed to be home by now, instead if sitting in the DFW airport. Hopefully we’ll make it to the lake for fireworks.

The picture is of key lime pie cake balls. I had planned on making a key lime pie cake and making a flag on top but the cakes failed and the only way to salvage the idea was cake balls. As far as I’m concerned, cake balls are much more time consuming than a two later cake, so it made for a long night in the kitchen before our work celebration for the 4th of July.

What are you’re 4th of July traditions?

Do you have any fun red, white and blue dishes?


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Workouts 12/10 – 12/17

This week it will be challenging to make time for workouts, but for at least half of it I have a new workout buddy, Danica! She and her fiance/my cousin, J, are visiting San Antonio for an end of semester vacation. I also am heading home to Minnesota mid-week to celebrate an early Christmas with my family.

Saturday, December 10 – 
All Day: 3 hrs walking mostly in the rain (to farmers market, around Riverwalk and to find the car after leaving the Riverwalk)

Sunday, December 11 – 
PM: 15 minutes stairmill, 30 minutes elliptical, 10 min stretch/foam roll

Monday, December 12 –  
PM: Bodypump – Danica and I had never been to this class, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Bodypump is a weight lifting sequence class where you lift to music and luckily this class hit every muscle group. I have decided since I cannot make myself a weights routine and stick to it, I may just start going to bodypump class two or three times a week.

Tuesday, December 13 –
PM: 20 min run to local track
1 lap jog around track
200 m run/sprint, 200 m recover (:47, :49, :48, :46 were my times for the run/sprint) 

20 min run home
15 min yoga/foam roll

Wednesday, December 14 –
PM: 30 min airport walking 

Thursday, December 15 – REST

Friday, December 16 – REST

Saturday, December 17 –
Noon: 1 hour ice skating

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My God is Big

I come to this realization frequently. A few weeks ago, the realization that my God is Big (huge, enormous & massive might be better adjectives) came from looking at the weather forecast.  I am from Minnesota, and in Minnesota, we are very weather centered. Almost all conversations can start and end with the weather. If you don’t know how to start a conversation, you just start talking about the weather and that’ll open the other person right up. So of course, moving to Texas has been an adjustment because for the most part, there is no need to watch the weather morning and night, nor pay attention to the sky and the changing clouds, because our weather is the same day in and day out for months at a time.

Why Minnesotan's watch the weather

In Galveston, during the summer it will be hot, extremely humid, possibly a light  breeze, and if you get a lucky one rain cloud drops some rain as it passes over you for 5 minutes in the afternoon. After Labor Day until February, it will be mostly overcast, rainy on a majority of days, still humid and temperatures will decrease slowly from the 90’s down to 50’s. The only thing to pay attention to is hurricanes, which bring more wind, rain and humidity. Spring is quite nice for about 2 weeks because there is less humidity, the sun comes out and there is a nice breeze off the ocean. It doesn’t stay for long, because you’ll wake up to summer, as mentioned before and the cycle starts all over again.

Galveston Rain

San Antonio had a fall and spring, both similar with cool, mainly crisp mornings that grow into beautiful, warm sunny days (70-90 degrees). There are occasional thunderstorms and some cloudy days. Winter is a short season, much like fall and spring, but with cooler temperatures and a few more clouds. Summer lasts the longest from mid-April until mid-October, with each day starting out at 75-85 degrees and humid, reaching highs of 95-105 with full sunny skies. We are in a drought, but it seems that rain and clouds are very uncommon during all summers.

All of that to say that weather is predictable here. We get excited when a cloud passes over and there is a possibility of rain. So a few weeks ago, when I checked the forecast and it said high of 108 degrees, I was shocked. I had heard it would be hot, and really anything over 98 feels the same to me, REALLY HOT. As I thought about what I would do that day, it is much like what I would do in Minnesota during January, when the forecast is calling for a high of 10 degrees BELOW zero. Movies, baking, reading books and housework all come to mind, because in either case, the weather is way to harsh to enjoy any time outside.

San Antonio Sunset

I’m a rambler, and I know it. So back to my original thought, my God is Big. Just the weather makes me realize that. All on the same day a few weeks ago, the following weather was happening across America: in Texas there were high temperatures of 108-110;iIn the Northeastern United States, they were dealing with the remnants of a hurricane and major flooding and storm surges; in San Diego, it was probably perfectly sunny with a light breeze and 75 degrees. I would guess that some mountain in the Rockies had some snowflakes fall from the sky. These are all the different weather types that were happening simultaneously. Its very impressive, and yet, I think it should be expected from God. We should expect he could make all of these variations easily, but at the same time, maybe He does it to remind us of His nature and His authority and His power.

I am humbled thinking of my God. I am just some tiny part of the universe, here for a moment and then swept away, and God chooses to have my as part of his family, to bless me and allow me to represent Him. It is so easy to take life for granted, but in this moment, I am in awe of God and motivated to press on for Him, and His cause to bring glory to His Kingdom.

How is God revealing himself to you? What are your reactions? What actions is He calling you to today?


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