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Fiesta Fandango 2.6 Race

Pearl and I ran to the park to register for the Fiesta Fandango 2.6 night run which is run along the Fiesta Flambeau night parade route. We got lightly rained on there and back but still had a nice run. Pearl is not the best at helping me register for races, but everyone still thought she was cute.


I was so excited when I got my race shirt and numbers because they gave us a normal number AND a Boston 4-15-13 race bib!!! I have been wanting one to support the Boston runners but didn’t know when it would actually happen.


My friends came and parked at my house and then we walked down to the start of the race, which was also the start of the Fiesta Flambeau Parade. We got to see some of the floats before the parade started.




Before the race!


Everyone getting lined up amid the parade chaos.


There were lots of fun, fiesta themed costumes, but the Cascarones were by far the best! If you don’t know what a Cascarone is, please come back next year during Fiesta and find out!


About half way through the race I was able to catch up to one guy carrying an American flag and it was really fun to hear the crowd cheer and chant “U-S-A, U-S-A!” as we ran past.


More costume pictures – a real-life pinata:



Taco Runners! They said I could be part of the group next year…pretty sure I’m going to do it.


Post-race picture:


After our race, we hiked back to the start of the race to watch the parade. I got to see the UT marching band along with several others.


Jazz Float.


San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Float – I might have to see if I can get on that next year.


It is a terrible picture, but I had to get a shot of how all the marching band members wear lights on their uniforms which adds a great effect since most of the parade is after dark.


I headed home a little before the parade was finishing up because I didn’t want to pay to use a porta-potty, especially since my house was only 6 blocks away! I grabbed a quick shot of the line of street sweepers ready to clean up after the parade.


The race was quite fun because all the people were sitting along the parade route and cheering for you the whole time. The end of race party had water, gatorade and free beer, Tecate to keep in line with the fiesta theme.


I am very glad I made the last-minute decision to run the race and watch the parade with my friends. All together, I ran about 6 miles and walk another 2.8 today and it all ended with a bang – literally, because I made it home just before the thunder, lightening and rain let loose on the city.

What are you doing this weekend?


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Wear Your Wedding Dress….Again!

Sometimes, you get an idea in your head and it just won’t go away. This was one of them because I really loved my wedding dress and really wanted to wear it more than just on my wedding day. I read about people dying and shortening their dresses to make them like formal gowns, but when do I ever wear a formal gown?? So, my next idea was throwing a “wear your wedding dress” party. I wanted to do it last year, in the fall and earlier this spring, but things got hectic (5 trips to MN!!) and I also wanted to wait until a few of my friends got married – so they could come to.

Yesterday, it finally happened. I had grand plans to decorate, have candles, flowers and all the typical wedding shower/wedding look, but that didn’t really happen. My friend offered to host the party after my first idea of a riverwalk hotel suite and dinner with our husbands was nixed by Fiesta. Some of my friends were also embarrassed to have any one see them in their dresses (wierd…yes!). But either way, it worked out great. We were able to have a relaxing day getting made up and dressed up and then taking fun pictures.

My friend has an awesome party house with an open floor plan, great breakfast nook for the food table and lots of big windows with natural lighting.

IMG_1614      IMG_1619

We had a chocolate fountain with fruit and pretzels to dip, some veggies, bread and cheese spread, some champagne punch, and of course wedding cake! I pre-iced the cake at work and then finished decorating it while chatting with my friends. I wasn’t super happy with it, but had fun using royal icing and trying out different icing techniques.
IMG_1621       IMG_1620

Everyone got their dress out and ready for the hanging dress picture.


It was funny to see that the tallest person in our group had the shortest train on her dress!


Most of us had our garters, so we all took a picture wearing them again.


When a bride has to take pictures of her fellow brides, it get’s a little complicated but makes for funny pictures!


Here is what she was taking pictures of:


My friend has these awesome stairs, so naturally we all took pictures there.


The Final Product: 5 beautiful brides!!


This was a very fun day and I can’t wait to do it again! When was the last time you wore your wedding dress??

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Birthday Celebration

My birthday was actually earlier this week, but I am learning that now a days, the actual date doesn’t matter, it’s when you celebrate that counts. Last year Christmas was before and after the 25th because that is when we could celebrate with our families. This year I was determined to plan something and hang out with people because it seems that if you don’t, nothing will just happen on its own.

I decided to celebrate on Saturday, since another friend was having a party on Friday. I also had to work Saturday morning so I didn’t want to be tired from a Friday party. It just happened that the San Antonio Riverwalk Association Lucky Duck Race was on Saturday. The race was held at the Pearl Brewery, which is very close to our house. This is not a running race, but an actual race of rubber ducks down the San Antonio River! I adopted a duck which benefited the local homeless shelter, Haven for Hope.

We missed the start of the race, but luckily the river isn’t flowing very fast and rubber ducks don’t swim too fast. About half of the ducks went over the small falls on the river and got a big head start on the others.

And they’re off!

The others took the slower, scenic path and meandered down the first stretch of the race.

Slow, scenic route

And some ducks took a wrong turn and just got stuck in traffic!

Dead End!

Making their way to the finish line

Ben & I enjoying the race.

Wrong way!

Why are all these funny-looking ducks in my river?

In the end, my duck did not win, place or show (first, second, and third for non-horsey people). I am happy to have participated in this good cause, and really should have bought more ducks. I hope you can join my team next year and adopt some ducks for a good cause! After the race we went home for a little while to watch the beginning of the University of Texas football game. Next stop, Alamo Street Eat Bar for dinner, hanging out and watching football. This is a food truck park in an old drive-in located in Southtown.

This has definitely become one of our favorite places to eat and have a relaxing dinner in San Antonio. We enjoy the variety of food trucks because each of us gets to eat what we want, even if it’s completely different cuisine! If you haven’t checked out food trucks lately, you should! They are becoming very popular and serve gourmet food at a reasonable price. My Minnesota friend was the first to show up, even before me! That is what happens when you have lived in the south for a while…you just learn to show up exactly on time, or usually a little late. I enjoyed some Korean Takos from @takoriya truck. There were several burgers and one veggie burger from @attaboyburgers, some HUGE sushi rolls from a new truck (@ZumSushi) I haven’t tried and some gyros from @wheeliegourmet.

Chatting it up around the table

My friend L asked if she could bake me a cake, to which I replied, “Of course!” She is a great cook and makes the main dish for our Monday small group each week. She was so sweet and even asked what I could eat – chocolate and no dairy please!

Perfect Birthday Cake

Check that out! If you can’t see too well, it’s a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting decorated with Kit-Kat’s on the sides and M&M’s on top. Just what a girl needs to round out a birthday dinner.

I had a wonderful birthday earlier in the week and I had a wonderful birthday celebration with friends Saturday night. I missed my family and friends who couldn’t be there, but I am so blessed to have good friends in San Antonio.

Thank you Lord for one more year of life, please guide me in the next year to do Your will and bring you Glory.


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Endurance Saturday

Endurance Saturday

This post might have been more appropriately titled Endurance Week or possibly Endurance MONTH! I feel like life has been non-stop for quite a while and I’m just trying to catch up all over the place.

Anyway, this week was testing my emotional and mental endurance with changes at work. Our company went under new ownership in February, new software version in May and now we are moving to a completely new software system. To say the least, it has been challenging in both good and bad ways. I worked a marathon day on Thursday from 8am to 7pm, due to some technological problems.

After the long workweek, I decided to do a little house cleaning last night and then headed over to the gym. I rowed 4000m in 30 minutes and then did about 20 minutes of ab and glute exercises. It wasn’t an especially strenuous workout, but much-needed activity to bust some stress. Ben was working on his paper, so I didn’t feel bad that I was at the gym on a Friday night. It was quite nice because there were only a handful of people and it felt like I had the whole place to myself.

I am not sure if it was complete deliriousness, or what, but this morning I woke up and decided that I would run to the gym and go to bodypump class. In reality, it is not that far, only 4 miles but the problem is getting home! I took some water with me and stopped at Central Market for a Banana Bread LARA bar and a GU, only they didn’t have GU so I tried the PowerBar brand of energy gels in strawberry flavor. It was not too bad and had a thinner consistency than GU so it was easier to swallow while running. Normally I wouldn’t have GU unless I was running over 6 or 7 miles, but for some reason I was pretty tired by mile 2, which was at Central Market.

The rest of my run went smoothly and I got to the gym about 10 minutes before class started. I ate my LARA bar, drank some water and tried to mentally prepare myself for a tough weightlifting class. As I was running I realized that this kind of combo activity was going to push my limits and I had to keep motivating myself that I would make it through. I had to rest a little during a couple sets in bodypump, but for the most part it was a good class. I ended the day with about 20 minutes of painful much needed foam rolling.


I grabbed a banana from the gas station while I was walking home. Luckily Ben woke up and could come pick me up, because I was pretty tired and walking 4 miles home might have been a little much. Or I would have slept for the rest of the day. As if I had not done enough this morning, when I got home I decided to finish a little housework, then shower and make breakfast lunch, since I ate it at 12:45pm. I made a combo bowl of oatmeal/no-oats oatmeal with two eggs, 1/3 cup of quick oats, chia and flax seed, almond milk, cinnamon, and some water. It turned out pretty good, and of course I was hungry, so just about anything would have tasted good!


I’m trying to relax for the rest of the day but I do have a few errands to run. Boring things like getting toothpaste and taking books back to the library to avoid fees. And then tonight Ben and I are going to see the new Batman movie (prayers for Aurora!!!) with friends from law school. I had absolutely no interest in going to see the movie, but there is really no reason I can’t go. Plus we are going to the Alamo Drafthouse (dinner during the movie) and we are hanging out with friends we don’t get to see enough…so I definitely needed to go!

Last but not least, I picked this big box up from Fed-Ex today….any guesses on what it is? I’ll write another post to tell you what it is as long as you post your guesses. Have a great Saturday!



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