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Workouts 9/1 – 9/7

Saturday, September 1 – Off

Sunday, September 2 –
20 min run
40 min walk
15 foam roll

Monday, September 3 – Off

Tuesday, September 4 –
30 minutes online kickboxing class
10 minutes leg workouts
15 minutes stretching/yoga

Wednesday, September 5 –
3.25 mile run
25 minutes foam roll/stretch

Thursday, September 6 – REST

Friday, September 7 – OFF

Total Miles: 5.25

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Weekly Workouts 8/18 – 8/24

I’m finally back on track for posting my weekly workouts! I have been extremely busy with work which has not left me any time for writing blogs and hardly any time for working out. I’m glad to say I’m back on track with workouts, which is good because my pants are getting a little more snug than I prefer!

Saturday 8/18 – Workout at home – moving into a new apartment. We are moving upstairs in our house, so I spent about an hour carrying things up the stairs and running back down. I’m thinking I did 100 or so sets of stairs, with no A/C, so I got my sweat on.

Sunday 8/19 – REST

Monday 8/20 – OFF

Tuesday 8/21 – ~25 minute run, 5 min foam roll/stretch

Wednesday 8/22 –
A.M. – leisurely 1 hour walk
P.M. – 45 minute bike ride downtown

Thursday 8/23 –
P.M. – 10 minute walk/run on treadmill
60 minutes Zumba
30 minutes foam roll and stretch

Friday 8/24 –
Afternoon – 30 minutes cardio: 5 sets of hill sprints + walk/jog recover and 2 sets long sprints +walk/jog recover

What was your favorite workout from this past week?

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Workouts 2/25 – 3/2

Ah, the dreaded taper week before my half-marathon. I really don’t enjoy taper week for so many reasons, which can be summed up by saying it’s hard to eat the same (or a little less) and run WAY less. I know you’re supposed to feel full of energy, but I just feel so much better when I am exercising more. Anyway, it’s taper week and this race has come up very fast and as usual I don’t feel near prepared enough. My runs on Saturday and Tuesday went very well, so I feel confident that I will have a good race, but I would have liked to have run a lot more training miles before this race.

Saturday, February 25th –
Afternoon: 2 mile run
3 x 25 walking lunges
3 x 15 box jumps
3 x 20 squats
3 x 15 calf raises
3.5 mile run home
20 min stretch, foam roll and yoga

Sunday, February 26th –
30 minute round trip bike ride to church

Monday, February 27th –
AM: leg raises
alternating hip bicycles
foam roll

Tuesday, February 28th –
PM: 5.5 mile run
20 min foam roll, stretch and yoga

Wednesday, February 29th –
AM: stretching & yoga
Noon: 20 minute walk

Thursday, March 1st –
Noon: 45 minute walk

Friday, March 2nd –
Noon: 45 minute walk

Total Miles: 7.5

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Workouts 2/18 – 2/24

Saturday, February 18th –
PM: At home weights
3 x 15 calf raises
3 x 15 body weight squats
3 x 15 crunches with legs raised at 90 angle
3 x 10 Lifted hip bicycles
3 x 15 Lying side leg raise – these muscles are VERY weak, this was very difficult for me!
3 x 20 hip lifts
3 x 10 hamstring curls on fit ball
1 round of Lean Arms Pyramid

4 miles in 40 minutes, 5 min walk cool down
15 min foam roll & stretch

Sunday, February 19th –
Afternoon: 60 min body pump class
30 minute round trip to library and home

Monday, February 20th –
Noon: 20 min walk
PM: 6 hrs volunteering at San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo – loaded and unloaded LOTS of bags of wood chips for all the horse show competitors – definitely a workout!

Tuesday, February 21st – REST – chiropractor

Wednesday, February 22nd –
PM: 3 x 15 Lying side leg raise (muscles are still weak, but better than Saturday)
3 x 10 Lifted hip bicycles
15 min foam roll
10 min stretch/yoga

Thursday, February 23rd –
AM: 20 min walk, 15 min stretch & yoga

Friday, February 24th –
Noon: Lean Arms Pyramid x 2
3 x 15 crunches on fit ball
2 x 15 oblique twist with medicine ball
2 miles on treadmill, .5% incline, 5.5-6.0 speed
5 minute cool down & stretch

Total Miles: 6


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Workouts 2/4 – 2/10

This week has been a half-way bust for exercise. I started off good for the weekend, but then I went to the chiropractor Monday, which means no exercise for at least a day. In addition, I worked at the rodeo Wednesday night after I worked all day, which means I was being more active but it made my tired and didn’t leave much time or energy for exercise for the rest of the week. On Friday, I finally decided to get off my butt and do something at lunch, but I learned that running during the workday is just not a good option for me. My left foot fell asleep after about 25 minutes of running and I just didn’t feel good running. I was happier when I finished, which must have been a combination of sweating and sunshine.

Saturday, February 4th –
Afternoon: 7.3 mile run in 66 minutes!!! average pace of 9min/mile
15 min foam roll, stretch and yoga

Sunday, February 5th –
Afternoon: 62 minutes of workout pyramids – thanks Danica for the great routine

Monday, February 6th – REST

Tuesday, February 7th – REST

Wednesday, February 8th –
PM: 6hrs volunteering at San Antonio Rodeo (sitting/standing/walking)

Thursday, February 9th –
PM: 30 min foam roll, stretch

Friday, February 10th – REST
Noon: 5 min walk, 35 min jog, sprint, walk rotations, 20 min walk cool down

Total Miles: ~10


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Workouts 1/14 – 1/20

This week started off well for workouts but then work got in the way and I was too tired to do ANYTHING! On Tuesday I left work in time to make it to bodypump, but decided I needed to rest for the week instead of making myself more tired. Sometimes I wonder if I’m too protective of getting tired and I rest too much. Well, it didn’t matter because I worked 10 hours a day for the next three days. Since I stand up all day at work, that counts for a little bit of a workout, right?

Saturday, January 14 –
PM: 5 minute walk
4.9 mile run in 46 min
10 min walk cool down
10 min foam roll
5 min yoga/stretch

Sunday, January 15 –
AM: 10 min walk
PM: 15 min stationary bike
60 min bodypump (instructor told us there were over 800 reps in the class!)

Monday, January 16 –
PM: Long Slow Run practice:
3 min walk warm up
4 miles in 46 minutes
5 min walk cool down
10 min foam roll,
5 min yoga

Tuesday, January 17th –
Noon: 25 minute walk

Wednesday, January 18th –
Noon: 25 minute walk

Thursday, January 19th – REST

Friday, January 20th – REST

Total Miles 8.9


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