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Challenging Words

This psalm has been on my mind lately. I am constantly challenged by it. I want to be this person, but am I seeking The Lord and letting Him teach me to be like this? There are a couple sections in bold that are specifically jumping out at me. What jumps out at you? I hope you are uplifted and challenged by this as well.

Psalm 15 (NIV)

“1 Lord, who may dwell in your sanctuary?
Who may live on your holy hill?
2 He whose walk is blameless
and who does what is righteous,
who speaks the truth from his heart
3 and has no slander on his tongue,
who does his neighbor no wrong
and casts no slur on his fellowman,
4 who despises a vile man but honors those who fear The Lord,
who keeps his oath even when it hurts,
5 who lends money without usury
and does not accept a bribe against the innocent.

He who does these things will never be shaken.”

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Everyday Miracles

In my bible study we have been studying the book of Mark and several times the issue of miracles had come up. It seems that we don’t see miraculous healing today as during Jesus’ time. But I will say, God does still perform miracles. I have seen him work many miracles in my life, but I will only share the most recent one. My car has been on a half tank of gas for a week even though I have kept driving it non-stop. On my way to work I looked down and noticed that there were 315 miles on my tank. Oh my goodness, that’s the 2nd highest milage I’ve ever gotten! I guess my gauge is broken. God was awesome and let me get to the gas station and fill up with no problem. Thank you Lord for still working miracles in my life!

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Our church is having a series of sermons that are dedicated to God’s Word and specifically getting words from God. I had grand plans to write several blogs today, do housework, and lots of other things. I did end up running a few errands and all of a sudden it was 6pm! Our poor little dog hadn’t gone outside for a decent walk, so I put my shoes on, grabbed my phone and started listening to this morning’s sermon on youtube while we walked. Oh yeah, I slept in and didn’t actually go to church this morning.

Wow, I was definitely getting a word from God. Very clearly, through the voice of my pastor, I heard God saying, “READ YOUR BIBLE!!!! You have no excuse, just do it!!!” So, instead of all the things I could be doing tonight, I am going to spend some time with God’s word. Have a great Sunday night!

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Watching the Clouds Go By


This is my view today. I’m just taking in the peace and quiet, wind, sun, clouds and all. When was the last time you sat and just watched the clouds go by? When did you sit and let the wind blow your stress away? How long has it been since you let the sun warm you from the outside in? Take a deep breath, put away the technology, and reconnect with nature, if just for a few minutes. Don’t wait for a retreat or vacation to let God’s beautiful creation calm your soul, let Him do it today, where ever you are. Palm 55:22 Cast your cares on the Lord, and He will sustain you. He will never let the righteous fall.


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Am I flaky?

This is a spur of the moment self reflection post. It’s probably only for me but I just need to work out my thoughts in writing. Lately I’m acting a lot unlike myself, or a lot unlike how I view myself. I’ve been unmotivated, inactive, unable to stick to much of any routine, forgetful and terrible at following through on things. In short, in my I’m mind, flaky, is the best word to describe it.

But that isn’t me, or at least that’s not how I think I normally am. I think I’m consistent, hard working, dedicated, get-the-job done type of person. I can’t figure it out, why these undesirable, uncharacteristic actions seem to be ever present lately.

Sometimes, I get it together and do things the way I want to. I’m pleasant to be around (not crabby/snappy), I actually enjoy life. Maybe it’s my outlook, but I really don’t think I view life negatively. I probably just need more sleep because napping for two hours doesn’t leave much time for anything else I’d like to do in my free time.  Maybe I just need to stop making mental to-do lists, then I wouldn’t feel like I should be doing anything. Yeah, that’s not happening, unless there is a way to blind me and make my brain stop working.

I know the real answer, I just don’t like it. Prayer. Spending time with God. Reading my Bible and actually applying it to my life. Those things take time, effort and sacrificing Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, TV, blog reading and other important meaningless things.  I want to know God, have a close relationship and be confidant I’m living the way He wants me to live but I’m not willing to spend the time it takes to get there and keep it up. I mean, relationships take work, a lot of work to be meaningful.

So, maybe I am flaky, but if I don’t want to be I know the solution. If you think of me, pray that I would desire to spend time with the Lord. Leave a comment and I can pray for you as well, but no commitment on how often I’ll actually do it. I said this is my year of prayer, so Lord, please help me pray.

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Anyone remember that song? Yep, now you can listen to it in case you don’t know what I’m referring to. I like ‘oldies,’ what can I say?

Back to this post…change is the major theme in my life right now. In only a matter of weeks, I have had some huge changes in my life. Unfortunately, one of them was the loss of my beyond amazing Grandma Noni. I still don’t feel like that is a reality, and I think being away from my family has added to that feeling. On the flip side, I have been thinking of her almost daily because I need her most important advice to get me through each day.

First things first; one thing at a time.

In late June I decided I wasn’t going to make it another year at my current job. We have gone under new ownership/management, software updates, personnel changes and beginning in July, we started learning a completely new software system. Now, maybe to the average person this doesn’t sound too bad, but adding these things on top of an already stressful job pushed me over my limit of healthy and allowable stress. I slowly started looking for new jobs, mainly on Monster and Craig’s list. I happened to look at the local universities and also local grocery stores. Just for the heck of it, I applied for three different cake decorating positions and one full-time bakery position. I also applied for traditional office/admin jobs and jobs that had more emphasis on accounting because I enjoy that type of work much more than my current position as payroll specialist.

I ended up getting a call back about the full-time bakery position and was offered a part-time position that eventually would get me into the bakery. They weren’t ready to put me in the bakery full-time because I didn’t have commercial baking experience. That was all I needed to help me put in my two-week’s notice. During the two weeks I ended up having two interviews and working try-outs with two different bakeries! One offered me a full-time baking and decorating position, so you are reading the blog of a newly employed bakery worker! Woo-hoo….I’m almost too exhausted to be excited but I can tell my stress level has dropped dramatically just knowing that I have a full-time job.

I am definitely scared that I won’t end up liking baking full-time in a real bakery, or that I’ll be super slow or be a horrible decorator. But, I took the position because the owner was willing to give me a chance even though I had no experience. I don’t know when another chance would come up to get this kind of experience, so I decided I had better try it or I’ll never know if I like the bakery world.

Now, if starting a new job isn’t enough change, let’s add in moving into a new apartment. Yes, we are crazy, thanks for asking! We had the opportunity to move upstairs in our current apartment and we jumped at the chance because the upstairs apartments have awesome balconies and HUGE kitchens compared to our current one. We will be losing a room, so I have absolutely no idea what I will do with all the stuff in our office, but gaining a balcony and bigger kitchen is totally worth it. Ben and I love being outside and we love cooking. With a bigger kitchen we may be able to cook at the same time now!

I have to give God all the credit for the great things that are happening in our lives right now. I could not have imagined actually having a job at a bakery and then God provides me a job at the bakery Ben and I both love eating at! I will be taking a slight pay cut, and God has provided us a better apartment for a little less money each month, so it shouldn’t affect us too much. Matthew 6:8 explains it so well “…for your Father knows what you need before you ask.” God has been giving me strength to work each day at my current job, but He also had everything prepared when I asked him for a new job.

What is God doing in your life right now? How have you seeing His blessings lately?

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What determines your work ethic?

As an American, I am prone to desiring instant gratification, which means I desire to do the smallest amount of work to see the greatest results. This is true in every area of my life. I’d like to think that eating a salad for lunch will translate into “I ate healthy today.” or if I workout once during the week I’ll be in shape by the weekend! Or how about in my spiritual life, I pray a quick prayer in the morning and expect that I will be “set” for the day.

To keep up a relationship with someone, you have to communicate on a regular basis with them. I’m learning as you get older, it is harder to make friends and harder to keep up with relationships because you have to make a big effort to fit people into your schedule. I no longer have class with my friends, live with them in the dorms, work with them on a daily basis or have weekly family dinners. I now schedule phone calls during the week and make quick weekend trips to stay in touch with the people I care about.

Colossians 3:23-24 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not men, since you know you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. 

So, what determines your work ethic? According the Colossians, it should be our relationship with the Lord. We should do EVERYTHING as we are working for Him. We also should work at everything with all our HEART. To me, that means we are doing everything out of our love for the Lord. If we love the Lord, it should show in all we do. Hm, well that is not true about everything I do in my life. Sometimes I don’t feel like working hard at mundane tasks – I mean really, who wants to scan and upload documents every week? or balance the checkbook? or file paperwork at home? Now, some things I choose to do because not everyone balances the checkbook and some people just throw all their personal paperwork away (crazy, I know). Sometimes, I don’t even feel like doing things I enjoy – running, baking, hanging out with friends, ect. It just seems like too much work at certain times. But that is no excuse. God calls me to do everything as if I am working for Him.

What determines your work ethic? What keeps you motivated to do the undesirable tasks in your life?

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