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Oreo Chocolate Mousse Cake

Oreo Chocolate Mousse Cake

I tried to write this post a few weeks ago, but when it was almost finished, the whole thing got deleted. Here is the shortener, mainly picture version!

I had the chance to make another birthday cake this week, and it came with a great opportunity to use my creativity skills and create a cake I’ve never made before. Luckily, I got some help from The Crumb Boss and her YouTube site for recipes and how-to’s. The videos had a little more chatting than I prefer, but great to watch for technique and recipes. Before I get into making this great creation of a cake, check out what came in that big box:

I got a Kitchen-Aid Mixer!! Woo-hoo. This cake really made good use of my new mixer. I am learning to get all of my ingredients prepared before beginning the baking process. Making sure eggs, milk and butter are at room temperature will ensure your cakes and icing bind together well. If you add cold milk to your butter and sugar mixture, it can cause it to seize up and get lumpy.

Also, prepare your pans before you start mixing anything, that way you can immediately pour batter into pans and put them in the oven. Some cakes will not rise correctly if they sit after mixing or before being put into the oven.

While my chocolate cakes were baking, I began making chocolate mousse with help from the Cake Boss videos and website. First off, whip heavy cream.

Next, melt chocolate. Make sure you have as much as the recipe calls for, I only had half and ended up adding a few different chocolate bars I had around the house!

Whip egg whites until they have soft peaks.

Slowly fold half egg whites into chocolate. Add whipped cream and other half egg whites until smooth.

At some point, use food processor to chop up oreos. Begin layering process: chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and oreo crumbs.

Remember to add oreos BEFORE placing middle layer on cake. Or you will have to attempt to pull the middle layer off like I did – very nerve-racking! Lesson learned.

Finish layering cake. Figure out how to ice cake. I ended up having a lot of the chocolate sauce left that wasn’t made into mousse, so I decided to pour it over the cake kind of like a ganache.

I was very happy with the end result, even though, per usual, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Happy Birthday M! She is demonstrating the Mexican tradition of taking a bite out of your cake before it is served. They were telling me that someone will usually push your face into the cake, so she was pretty worried about that. All of the girls restrained our men, and she came away with a cake-free face!

I love living in San Antonio and the new friends I have met here. I am getting the chance to learn about another culture and they are challenging me to bake new and interesting things! What do you love about where you live?


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Reflections: 3 days of my new job

Reflections: 3 days of my new job

My first three days of work at the bakery have been great. I have always been a morning person, but waking up a 3:55am is a little earlier than I am used to. I am to work by 5 and have been working about 7 hours since I am in training right now. My main duties right now are making frosting (chocolate, buttercream, cream cheese and peanut butter), frosting cupcakes, pre-icing cakes and doing dishes. Ah, dishes, it reminds me a of my high school job, but at least now I’m only washing what I get dirty.

Today was absolutely awesome in terms of experience. Maybe you could tell from my cover picture, but today I got to help make a lego cake! The cakes were baked yesterday and pre-iced by my trainer, and then once the cakes had set, we set out on icing them in green and blue.


Pretty cool, right?? I actually had contemplated making a lego cake for a friend earlier this year, but decided it was a little to hard for me at the time. After helping with this cake today, I think I could do one by myself. I also got to make icing for a whiskey cake and ice the cake. After tasting the whiskey icing, I may need to add liquor to all my baked goods in the future! Ok, not really, but it was pretty tasty! Check out the pictures below and guess which lego was mine.



Which lego did I decorate? What are your favorite baked goods with odd ingredients (alcohol, candy, soda, etc)?

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Strawberry Jello Cake

Strawberry Jello Cake

Another weekend and another cake experiment, this time with an instant Jello package added into the cake mix. The last two cakes I made turned out slightly dry, especially on the edges. In search of a recipe from scratch that would stay moist, I thought I had heard that adding pudding mix would help. And of course, if pudding would make a cake moist, surely Jello would do the same. I’ll be completely honest, it didn’t totally work out. For some reason there was a hard crust on all the cake edges, which I had to shave off before stacking and decorating.

The finished product did turn out quite well, even after the slightly messed up baking. I’m not sure I will use jello in scratch cakes again, or I will have to find out how to bake them properly. It worked great when I used the box cake mix, but I feel like that isn’t being a true baker.

I used my new frosting recipe which I learned in my cake decorating class. Everyone thought it was great and tasted “like a store cake.” I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but I’ll take it to mean that I make professional tasting cakes. I working on using new and different decorating patterns and tips on each cake, so that I get more experience doing different things.

What flavor, style, color, and design should I use for my next cake?


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