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I might Be the Match

Today at church our sermon was titled The Blood. We watched this video, and then heard a short sermon about how Jesus gave his blood as a sacrifice for our sins. Our church also did a Be The Match drive, which encouraged people to sign up to be bone marrow donors. As we walked into church, Ben said, “I’ll probably sign up for this,” and my response was, “I probably won’t!” Here’s why: I had a friend sign up last year and just hearing what a person might go through to be a donor did NOT make me want to do it. I’m already squirmy about needles and having my blood taken so why on earth would I want to have a spinal tap?? Yeah, that’s just crazy.

Earlier in the morning, I had read part of my bible study lesson for the week which was about obeying what God tells us to do. One of the points it made was that we need to plan to obey God before we ask Him for something or how we should proceed with a certain situation. I definitely am and planner, but had never thought about planning in this way. One of my notes on the lesson was that I needed to put aside my logical thinking and plan to obey God’s leading even if it isn’t logical.

Fast forward to the middle of the church service, in which I was struck with the clear application of my bible study lesson. I had already decided to not donate marrow even though I hadn’t asked God what he would want me to do. Then I went over the decision of being an organ donor in the event of my death. I’m willing to donate any part of my body to save someone else’s life after I die, but not before I die? Hm, that doesn’t seem very loving of me. It would be a huge sacrifice to have a spinal tap and donate bone marrow to someone, especially someone I don’t know. Maybe you can tell where I’m going with this, but as I prayed and went over this in my mind, I decided that I should sign up to Be The Match and be willing to make the sacrifice.

The awesome thing about this, is after I made me decision, I learned that the process has changed, and you do not need to get a spinal tap to give bone marrow. You only give blood, or parts of your blood to the recipient. God works in mysterious ways, and He can be trusted to lead us to do the best thing for our lives!

Would you consider signing up for the bone marrow registry? Do you give blood?

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Let the race begin!

Looking at my schedule from now until the end of the year makes me feel like I am in a long distance sprint, and yes, I know that is pretty much an oxy-moron, but its one hundred percent accurate as to how the next few weeks are going to be. There are going to be a LOT of sprint days (working harder & faster than usual) due to holidays, and then there is going to be a marathon of travel (ranch for Thanksgiving, Minnesota and a TBD anniversary location). That doesn’t include getting ready for two sets of house guests in between the traveling and of course just the everyday ins and outs of life. Thinking about working out is almost non-existent. I also have to mention that with all this going on for me, Ben had started his marathon of finals studying and is spending every last minute reading something for law school. Now, all that to say that even though I have a lot going on, I am super excited for the last few weeks of the year. I am getting to see almost all of my family and some friends as well.

This weekend began with grocery shopping after work on Friday. I hit up Costco to buy Ben some portable and nutritious snacks for when he is riding his bike to and from work and school. Next was Wal-Mart for almost everything else but their produce doesn’t impress me so I hit up HEB to get some bananas, Honeycrisp apples (my FAVORITE) and a few other things. No real big savings but I did manage to use about 6 coupons, so saving a little is better than nothing. I finished the night by reading blogs and watching Twilight while Ben studied.

I slept in a little on Saturday and then went to the gym for a quick workout before my chiropractor appointment. Normally I go to the chiropractor during the week because it is so close to my work, but my doctor was providing free adjustments with a donation to the food bank so I couldn’t turn that down. I went home to pick up Ben and head to his school for a Pow-Wow. If you are not familiar with Native American traditions, this is a gathering where they dance, sing and celebrate together. Ben is taking American Indian Law and attending the pow-wow was a requirement of the class(pictured below).


After the pow-wow, I left Ben to study and I went home to do some decorating, cleaning and organizing. I got a new shelf for my kitchen and was hoping to fill it up this weekend. I hung several pictures and did put some things on the shelf, but not as much as I would have liked. Ben and I went out for a great dinner at Osaka Japanese Steak & Sushi Bar. We were planning on Le Madeline, but changed course when Ben saw sushi next door. He had a fried California roll, we shared a spicy salmon roll and I had an amazing teryaki steak with white rice (all pictured below). During dinner, I coined a new word, Texified, which refers to anything that has been modified due to its interaction with the state of Texas. I was using it in the context of Mexican food, because just about all the Mexican food we eat here has been modified from how it was originally made in Mexico. Ben thought it was great and decided that I have also been Texified, which is true to a certain extent. I don’t have big hair yet but I am saying y’all more often than not. After dinner, I baked a batch of cupcakes to keep myself awake before going out dancing with some girls from my small group. I used to wait until 10 or later to go out at night, but now that is my bed time! Dancing was a great time and a good workout (I was sweating a TON…good thing I wasn’t trying to impress anyone).


I slept in until 10 AM today! That usually doesn’t happen, but when you go to bed at 2am, its pretty much a given. We heard a wonderful sermon on marriage today and my major take-away was the key to a successful marriage is both people being committed to each other for the long-term. In addition, our pastor talked about how having the perception that finding Mr. or Mrs. Perfect will make a great marriage sets people up for failure. I believe God has one perfect person for us, but it is a perfect fit, not a perfect person (only Jesus was perfect). We all have to decide each day to love the other person and lay our lives down for them to make the relationship work and grow.

Before going to Pilates this afternoon, I baked a batch of Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip muffins. Thank you Danica and Peanut Butter Fingers for giving me a great recipe for the muffins. Chocolate chips were my add-in of choice and I will be bringing some of them to small group tomorrow night and the rest to the ranch to add to the Thanksgiving smorgasborg. I really wanted to make banana bread muffins tonight, but just didn’t have the energy. There is always Tuesday or Wednesday. Well, now I’m just relaxing and resting up for the next few busy days.

Have you started your Thanksgiving preparations? How was your weekend?


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