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Workouts 7/2-7/8

Ah, the workout log I never posted so I don’t fully remember what I did. Well, that’s just typical of me, but even though I was travelling to Minnesota this week, I did get some good workouts in. I probably should do a whole post on the 4th of July and the Burpee Bean Bags that took place, along with all the other things that the health conscious family members did while we were together. Hm, maybe in month. Ok but really, if you read my blog you know I can be terrible about keeping up with it!

Tuesday July 7 – ??

Wednesday July 3rd- OFF

Thursday, July 4th –
10 minutes swim
22 minute run
Burpee bags (100 burpees, 20 push-ups, 50 squats)

Friday July 5th –
1 mile walk

Saturday July 6th –
5.75 miles in 51 minutes

Sunday July 7th –
9.02 miles 1:21

Monday July 8th- off

Total Miles: 16.77


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Workouts 1/22 – 1/29

It’s recovery week! I like it but hate it all at the same time. I’m actually feeling great and so it is very hard to take it easy and let my body recover. I tried to run a little on Wednesday but felt some pain in my left calf, so I stopped and just walked. My calf still hurt on Sunday, but it’s definitely feeling like a shin splint more than anything, so rest will be the cure. I’ll probably hit up the chiropractor as well. It really felt good to hit the weights on Sunday and I need to keep them in my weekly workout mix.

Tuesday, January 22nd – REST

Wednesday, January 23rd –
1 mile walk
Modified At-Home Chipper from Tina

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My Version:
100 squats
90 open gate sit-ups
80 Alternating Back Lunges (total for both legs)
10 Burpees
10 Hand-Release Push-ups
60 second Plank
25 Alternating Superman’s
25 Superman’s
10 push-ups
30 Hollow Rocks (attempts anyway)
10 push-ups

Thursday, January 24th –
3 mile walk

Friday, January 25th –
3 mile walk

Saturday, January 26th –
1 mile walk

Sunday, January 27th –
1 mile walk
5 mile round-trip bike ride to church
3 block run warm up
Burpee Workout
Burpee/push-up/single arm row (1 rep up to 10 reps of the row, burpee/push-up in between 12 lb)
Burpee/push-up/standing double arm row (1-10 reps again for the row 12 lb)
Burpee/push-up/row/dumbell curl (1-10 for db curl 8 lb)
Burpee/push-up/row/tricep extension/rear delt fly(1-8 for delt fly 8 lb)
Dumbell pull-over with hip lift (10, 9 & 8 reps with 10 lb kettlebell)
Side bends(3 x 10 reps with 25 lbs)
10 minutes yoga
3 block cool down

Monday, January 28th –
40 minute easy bike ride
Cross-fit – Yep, I’m back at it!!
Warm-up 2 rounds
10 alternating lunges
10 open-gate sit-ups
10 hand release push-ups
WOD: Team Something I can’t remember what
16 rounds of:
100m hill sprint
10 Kettlebell swings

One team member runs the sprint, then the whole team does the Kettlebell swings. I am not running so I did 10 burpees each time it was my turn to run. All together I did 40 burpess and 160 Kettlebell swings in 15 minutes.

Cash-out a.k.a AB KILLER
3 minutes open gate sit-ups
3 minutes toes to ring

I got 56 sit-ups and 22 T2R.

Total Miles: 0


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Workouts 9/25 – 10/1

Oh dear, I forgot to write anything down until the last day of this workout week. Luckily I’m keeping track on my training schedule. This week was pretty exciting for me, I really wasn’t sure I could run 8 miles, nor did I think I was ready to run 5 days in a week, but my body was strong and carried me through. I also am trying hard to stick to a strict Paleo diet, so I am happy with how my energy is responding to that and being able to run.

Tuesday, September 25th – OFF

Wednesday, September 26th –
3 mile fartlek 3 mile run Plus this WOD (19:05)


10 Rounds for Time:
3 jumping pull-ups
10 hand release push-ups
15 V-ups
20 air squats

Thursday, September 27th –
5 miles in 49:43

Friday, September 28th –
3 miles
5 min warm up
2 rounds: 9 minutes: 1 minute jog/40 second run/20 second sprint, 1 minute walk
5 minute jog cool down

Saturday, September 29th – OFF

Sunday, September 30th –
5 mile round trip bike to church immediately followed by
3+ mile run in 36:00 minutes

Monday, October 1st –
8 mile run in 1:15:02

Total Miles: 22


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