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Workouts 7/30-8/5

Tuesday, July 30th –
20 tricep pushups
10 regular pushups
3 miles easy run
2.5 miles speed work – 1/4 mile at 5k pace (1:30-1:45), 1/4 mile recover at jog(2-2:30)

Wednesday, July 31st –

Thursday, August 1st – OFF

Friday, August 2nd –
80 airsquats

Saturday, August 3rd –

Sunday, August 4th –
4 miles in 37:46
3 x 20 walking lunges
1 1/2 hours walking throughout the day
1 hour “surfing”

Monday, August 5th –
1 hour surfing
15 minute bike ride
Short walk around downtown La Jolla

Total Miles: 9.5


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Workouts 7/9 – 7/15

Man oh man, I really wish I didn’t always forget to write down my workouts on the day I do them. Tuesday and Monday on this post are complete question marks. I should have run something on Tuesday, but I can’t remember. Twitter and Facebook have no input for me, so I will leave it blank. It is better to under-estimate your training than over-estimate right?? I was pretty happy with myself for getting to the gym and doing some lifting/abs but of course it has not lasted. My schedule just doesn’t work well for me to run and keep up the weight workouts. Or I’m not that dedicated yet!

Tuesday, July 9th – ??

Wednesday, July 10th –
1.5 mile walk/run with Pearl

Thursday, July 11th –
45 minutes run/walk (3.5 miles approximately)
3 rounds of:
10 pull ups
10 back squats (45lbs bar)
10 pushups
10 walking lunges with 25lb plate overhead
10 tricep dips(only did this once)

3 x 20 dumbbell curls on bosu ball
3 x 20 upright rows on bosu ball
3 x 20 kettle bell twist (abs)
3 x 10 v-ups

3 x 10 air squats on bosu ball

Friday, July 12th – OFF
Saturday, July 13th –
3 rounds, 20 reps each
Dumbbell curls
Mountain climbers
Standing lunges
High knees
Shoulder side raise, rotate to press
Bent row
Calf raisers
Weighted crunches
Hip lifts
Sunday, July 14th –
2.5 mile run walk with Pearl
Foam roll and stretch
Monday, July 15th – ??

Total Miles: ~8.5 running & walking


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Workouts 7/22 – 7/29

This week was tougher for running than I expected. I guess I didn’t get much sleep Sunday or Monday night, which makes it hard to recover from the long run last week on Sunday. Tuesday’s run was tough and Thursday didn’t feel too great, but I just kept pushing. I meant to run 3-4 miles on Friday, but I was too busy at work and didn’t have the will to run in the full sun at 3 or 4pm! I am feeling good running and completing my second 24 Day Challenge. I can definitely tell that I need to be strength training more – or just doing something other than running. My legs are not going to hold up to just running, even if I take great supplements. I know myself and weight training is my friend when I’m working on running consistency.

Tuesday, July 22nd –
4 miles 39 minutes (9:45 average pace)

Wednesday, July 23rd –
15 pushups

Thursday, July 24th –
7 miles in 1:08 (9:45 average pace)

Friday, July 26th – OFF

Saturday, July 27th –
80 air squats
60 calf raises

Sunday, July 28th –
12.24 miles in 1:57 (9:30 average pace)

Monday, July 29th – OFF

Total Miles: 23.24


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Workouts 5/5 – 5/11

This week was “Get Moving” week. I am supposed to be running a 10k when I go home to see my family the weekend of May 18th, and I haven’t been running. I tried to run Monday morning, but it was not possible. My body was revolting against me the whole time and I turned around after just ten minutes. Tuesday I met a friend at the gym for bodypump, only to find out the class was cancelled because the floors were being redone. We chatted while on the elliptical and I did my dreaded challenging burpee workout. Thursday I met a friend to run with and a nice, easy (slow) pace totally redeemed my Monday run. I felt great and wanted to run forever.

Saturday, May 5th –
PM: 2.5 miles walking
20 minutes dancing

Sunday, May 6th – Active REST day

Monday, May 7th –
AM: 20 minute run, 5 minute walk
Noon: 45 minute walk

Tuesday, May 8th –
PM: 20 minutes elliptical
20 minute burpee workout
20 minute stretch/foam roll

Wednesday, May 9th –
Noon: 45 minute walk

Thursday, May 10th –
PM: 45 minute run (3.68 miles)
3 x 10 squats
3 x 30 seconds squat jumps
3 x 10 lunges in place/leg

Friday, May 11th –
PM: 30 minutes arms/cardio at home
15 minute walk to dinner

Total Miles: 5.68


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Workouts 3/17 – 3/23

This was a pretty slow workout week for me, but all in all, I did exercise 3 days. According to the national healthy board, all you need is 30 minutes three times a week. Heck, who am I kidding? This was a BAD week for me and I felt bad because I didn’t exercise enough. Next week willbe better!

Saturday, March 17th –
Afternoon/evening: 2 hours walking around New Orleans Garden District

Sunday, March 18th –
AM: 40 min run with Katie
20 yards walking lunges
20 yards skipping lunges (walking lunge w/skip at end)
3 x 1 minute wall sit
3 x 20 calf raises
10 minutes rolling out muscles

Monday, March 19th – REST

Tuesday, March 20th – REST

Wednesday, March 21st –
PM: 50 minutes Zumba

Thursday, March 22nd – REST

Friday, March 23rd – REST

Total Miles: 4


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Workouts 11/26-12/2

How is it almost December alreday?! Well, we are right in the middle of holiday season, so I’m trying my best to eat right and exercise enough. I’m not totally back into the swing of running, so I’m also trying to vary my workouts to build some muscle and keep myself interested.

Saturday, November 26 –
Afternoon: Crossfit-ish workout  – good but tough
3 rounds of the following in about 36 minutes
25 jumping jacks
25 push-ups
25 squats
25 sit-ups
25 chair dips
25 box(bench) jumps
400 m fast run/sprint (when I was almost at the end of each sprint, I said “I HATE working out! and I never want to do this again!”)

Sunday, November 27 –
PM: 45 min stairmill, 10 min walk, 10 min foam roll & stretch

Monday, November 28 –
Noon: 40 minute walk

Tuesday, November 29 – REST

Wednesday, November 30 –
Noon: 30 minutes stairmill
3 x 50m walking lunges
3 x 15 push-ups

Thursday, December 1 –
Noon: 40 min run, 5 min walk

Friday, December 2 –
Noon: 30 minutes elliptical
2:30 min warm up incline 10, resistance 1,
1 min incline 20, resistance 1
1 min incline 19, resistanse 2
1 min incline 18, resistance 3….(continue until you get to incline 11 and resistance 10)
5 min backpedal on incline 1 and resistance 5 (so I can catch my breath and work different muscles) return to forward pedaling
1 min incline 10 resistance 5
1 min incline 9 resistance 5…(repeat this until you get to incline 1 and resistance 10)
5 min backpedal on incline 1 and resistance 5 (cool down)


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Workouts 11/19 -11/25

Thanksgiving is this week so I have been trying to eat right and exercise enough to make up for all the GREAT food I’ll eat all weekend long with my Texas family at the ranch.

Saturday, November 19 –
AM: 20 minutes stair mill, 3 x 20 abs, 3 x 10 pushups and 10 minutes foam roll

PM: 2 hours of DANCING!!!

Sunday, November 20 –
Afternoon: 60 minutes pilates class

Monday, November 21 –
PM: Mini home workout
3 x 10 push-ups
3 x 20 bodyweight squats
3 set of 21’s, bicep curls (7 reps straight to 90°, 7 reps 90° to full curl, 7 reps full curls)
3 x 20 bodyweight calf raisers
3 x 12 tricep extension on fit ball
3 x 8 bent back fly

Tuesday, November 22 –
PM: 3.28 miles in 30 minutes, 5 min walk, 10 minute foam roll

Wednesday, November 23 – REST

Thursday, November 24 –
2 hour horse back ride (I was SO sore after an hour an a half, I didn’t know if I could make it back to the barn!)

Friday, November 25 –
AM: Pre-Turkey Trot of 30 min run, 10 min walk, 10 min stretch
PM: 1 1/2 hour horseback riding


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