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Workouts 9/24 – 9/30

Ah, recover week after my half marathon. Oh wait, I’m still training for a full marathon so this is just another week of training. How crazy is that?? In the past, after running a half marathon I would take at least a week to a month to recover and now I just keep on going like nothing happened! I did only run two days this week, but I was able to achieve another personal distance record of 16 miles. I am truly being carried by God during these runs because I have no idea how else it is possible to run that far!

Tuesday, September 24th –
.5 mile walk with Pearl

Wednesday, September 25th –
.6 mile walk with Pearl
6 mile run
1 mile walk cool down

Thursday, September 26th –
1.33 mile walk with Pearl
Foam roll & stretch

Friday, September 27th –
.5 mile walk with Pearl

Saturday, September 28th – OFF

Sunday, September 29th –
16 mile run in 2:40
20 minutes foam roll & stretch
5.61 mile bike ride

Monday, September 30th –
2.57 mile walk with Pearl
30 tricep push ups
30 air squats
30 modified V-ups
30 bicep curls
30 bent rows
1.5 mile walk with Pearl

Total Miles: 23


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Siclovía Sunday

Siclovía fell on September 29th this year. We have been attending the event for two years now, once in the spring and once in the fall. The first Siclovía was a great event and we had so much fun riding our bikes in the street with out traffic. About a year later when we went to Siclovía, we met Pearl for the first time! This year, nothing too special happened during the event. But I did have a personal distance record of running 16 miles earlier in the day, and then was able to ride my bike 5.6 miles afterwards!!

Siclovia Postcard

The day started out rainy, but it stopped around 8 am and the rest of the day was cool, overcast with a beautiful breeze. It doesn’t sound that amazing, but trust me, it is a needed break from the last three months of upper 90’s and 100 degree days! Surprisingly, there weren’t as many people out for the event as I would have imagined. I guess everyone thought it was going to rain again. We took a short ride up to the end of the route, said hello to my fellow running friends and then proceeded down the route to church.

We are in the middle of a sermon series entitled, “Survey Says” because a few weeks ago a survey was taken asking everyone in the services what issues they would like to hear addressed on Sundays. Last week, there was a sermon on suffering and this week it was about God’s will, specifically, what are we supposed to be doing with our lives. It was a great sermon with good pointers on making decisions in a wise way and also understanding that God doesn’t give us the whole picture, just the next step. Kind of like when you use a flashlight, you can’t see everything, just a few feet in front of you.


On our way home, we stopped at the Boiler House in the Pearl Brewery complex to get brunch. They have an amazing menu, but our favorite is definitely brunch. I got the Hangover Hash, to cure my running hangover from earlier in the day! Ben chose the S’mores French Toast, sugary heaven of french toast covered in nutella with marshmallows, berries and ice cream. C-R-A-Z-Y! Sorry for the small picture – I had to copy it from their website because I was too hungry to take pictures of my own!

Although I didn’t take a picture of my meal, it was exactly what I wanted and I had no problem downing ALL of it! We are so blessed to live in an area with amazing restaurants!

How was your Sunday? What new foods or restaurants have you tried lately?


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Workouts 12/4-12/10

Tuesday, December 4 –
3.33 miles in 33 minutes
.3 mile walk cool down
calf raises
hamstring curls on fit ball
single-leg hip bridges

Warm up – 2 rounds of: 1 minute Junk Yard Dog, 1 minute speed skaters
10 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
200 m run
6 dumbell burpees
6 curtis press (shoulder press, right foot lunge, shoulder press, left foot lunge is one rep)

I did a total of 3 rounds plus one extra 200 m run

Wednesday, December 5 –
2 mile walk
30 minutes yoga

Thursday, December 6 –
30 minute run
15 minutes foam roll

Friday, December 7 –
Foam Rolling while watching TV

Saturday, December 8 –
16.5 bike ride

Sunday, December 9 –
35 minutes ZUMBA (thank you YOUTube and AppleTV)

Monday, December 10 – 30 minute run

Total Miles: 9.83

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Workouts 10/9 – 10/15

This week was pretty good as far as workouts were concerned. My stomach was not cooperating but it didn’t stop me from working out. I think everything is almost back to normal, a week after accidentally eating cheese. UGH, lesson learned from that one! My long run today was challenging but I finished feeling pretty good, even after taking a wrong turn and adding an extra half mile!

Tuesday, October 9th –
Total body workout with heavy weights adapted from Don’t worry, I didn’t do ALL of these exercises as prescribed. I did most of the legs, about two rounds of chest/tri/shoulders and two rounds of some of the back/bicep exercises. I was a little short on time and quite tired after I finished legs!

Quickie Leg Blast
Chest/Tricep/Shoulder Workout
Back/Bicep Workout

Wednesday, October 10th –
PM: ~2 miles
5 minute warm up
5 x hill runs, walk/jog recovery

TABATA warm-up of: 8x 20 seconds “Texas Twists“, 10 seconds rest

WOD: 8:03


Thursday, October 11th –
PM: 4 mile run

Friday, October 12th –
3 mile run

Saturday, October 13th – OFF

Sunday, October 14th –
AM: 5 mile bike ride
PM: 3 mile run

Monday, October 15th –
AM: 10.5 mile run,(1:45:40) .5 mile walk cool down
foam rolling and stretching

Total Miles: 19.5

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Workouts 9/25 – 10/1

Oh dear, I forgot to write anything down until the last day of this workout week. Luckily I’m keeping track on my training schedule. This week was pretty exciting for me, I really wasn’t sure I could run 8 miles, nor did I think I was ready to run 5 days in a week, but my body was strong and carried me through. I also am trying hard to stick to a strict Paleo diet, so I am happy with how my energy is responding to that and being able to run.

Tuesday, September 25th – OFF

Wednesday, September 26th –
3 mile fartlek 3 mile run Plus this WOD (19:05)


10 Rounds for Time:
3 jumping pull-ups
10 hand release push-ups
15 V-ups
20 air squats

Thursday, September 27th –
5 miles in 49:43

Friday, September 28th –
3 miles
5 min warm up
2 rounds: 9 minutes: 1 minute jog/40 second run/20 second sprint, 1 minute walk
5 minute jog cool down

Saturday, September 29th – OFF

Sunday, September 30th –
5 mile round trip bike to church immediately followed by
3+ mile run in 36:00 minutes

Monday, October 1st –
8 mile run in 1:15:02

Total Miles: 22


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Weekly Workouts 8/18 – 8/24

I’m finally back on track for posting my weekly workouts! I have been extremely busy with work which has not left me any time for writing blogs and hardly any time for working out. I’m glad to say I’m back on track with workouts, which is good because my pants are getting a little more snug than I prefer!

Saturday 8/18 – Workout at home – moving into a new apartment. We are moving upstairs in our house, so I spent about an hour carrying things up the stairs and running back down. I’m thinking I did 100 or so sets of stairs, with no A/C, so I got my sweat on.

Sunday 8/19 – REST

Monday 8/20 – OFF

Tuesday 8/21 – ~25 minute run, 5 min foam roll/stretch

Wednesday 8/22 –
A.M. – leisurely 1 hour walk
P.M. – 45 minute bike ride downtown

Thursday 8/23 –
P.M. – 10 minute walk/run on treadmill
60 minutes Zumba
30 minutes foam roll and stretch

Friday 8/24 –
Afternoon – 30 minutes cardio: 5 sets of hill sprints + walk/jog recover and 2 sets long sprints +walk/jog recover

What was your favorite workout from this past week?

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Missing Workout Logs….Oops!

If I have any loyal blog followers out there, I’m sure you have noticed that my workout logs have been a little sparse the last month or so. Don’t worry, I didn’t stop working out! I just stopped writing them down, which is not so good for keeping track of my progress. What have I been doing the last few weeks?

Bodypump class – I’ve gone about 4 times in the last two weeks. It is a great way to get a total body weight workout and I’m always sore from it!

Running/walking – I have been running on the Riverwalk on the weekend mornings and I even ran on the treadmill last week with a friend. We had a great time running and chatting. I even ran during my lunch hour yesterday! I also have been walking some during my runs just because I want to be outside for longer in the mornings. I like walking during my lunch hour because I can get a little tan and a little exercise and not be too sweaty before going back to my desk.

Ab exercises – After my treadmill run, I did a few select ab exercises and they were good ones because my midsection was sore for three days after!

Rowing machine – I have rarely used the rowing machine in the past, but last Friday night I rowed 4000m for a light workout.

Bike riding – Ben and I have taken the bikes out a couple times in the last few weeks for short rides down to the local food truck park and home. You can’t beat exercise before and after gourmet food!

I didn’t have any pictures to liven up this post, so I hope you enjoy the various colors of text. What workouts have you been enjoying lately?


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