Workouts 9/10 – 9/16

Tuesday, September 10th –
50 air squats

Wednesday, September 11th –
100 air squats

Thursday, September 12th –
20 calf raises
10 tricep push ups
50 air squats

Track Workout
1 mile warm up – 10 minutes
8 x 400m repeats, 2 minute recovery (1:42,1:35,1:35,1:43,1:43,1:42,1:41,1:36)
10 minutes foam roll & stretch

Friday, September 13th – REST

Saturday, September 14th –
15 minute run around my block
30 tricep pushups
100 air squats

Sunday, September 15th –
Time Trial
1 mile warm up
3 mile Time trial (23:35)
20 minutes foam rolling

Monday, September 16th –
8.25 mile run in 1:17
.75 mile walk cool down
30 minutes foam rolling

Total Miles: 17.5

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Workouts 9/17 – 9/23

Oh my goodness, it is less than 8 weeks until I run my very first full marathon. I am totally FREAKING OUT!!! As always, I just don’t feel like I am running enough. I am barely doing any weight training. But on the upside – I was able to get a new PR this week on my half marathon! Very exciting and I tried a new recovery supplement and it really worked! I was incredibly sore all day after the half marathon, but the next morning, I didn’t even know I had run! Amazing!

Tuesday, September 17th –
Crossfit Fight Gone Bad
1 minute each, 3 rounds, rest after each round
Deadlift 75lbs
Med ball squats 20lbs
Box jumps 24″


10 minutes foam roll

Wednesday, September 18th – OFF

Thursday, September 19th –
3 mile run with Pearl!!

Friday, September 20th-
3 mile run in the rain with Pearl

Saturday, September 21st – OFF

Sunday, September 22nd –
Gusto Challenge 13.1 mile race – NEW Personal Record!!! 1:53:28

Monday, September 23rd – REST & RECOVER

Total Miles: 19

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My naughty puppy

This is our dog Pearl. She is vey cute and very naughty. Today we had a little change in schedule so I let her out before I went to work at 3am and got home at 11:30 to let her out again. I know it is 8 hours but usually she would be sleeping so I didn’t think it would be a huge problem. When I got home, this is what I found.


Yes, she had chewed on my new shoes just enough that I can’t really wear them. She took them off a chair. I can’t say I was totally mad because they were 2nd hand but it is the principle. She only chews on things when she is unhappy with us! She ate both of my running water bottles one day when I didn’t take her with me!

This afternoon, she decided I only should take 1 hour long naps, and proceeded to nudge and lick me until I got up. She is so cute and definitely has her own little personality quirks, but you can’t help but love her!

What quirks and naughty things does your dog do??


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Workouts 9/3 – 9/9

Wow, wow, wow. My workouts have been severely lacking this week. When I came back to work after vacation, we were down a person and I took on a lot more responsibility. This has been great – I have really pushed myself to do more each day and be as productive as possible. It also means that I no longer can leave work in the middle of my day to go running like I had been during summer. Since I live in South Texas, it is also still almost 100 degrees everyday when I get off work, meaning this big baby doesn’t go running much! I made myself do a track workout early in the week, and then I did get a distance PR for my long run on Sunday. It was not a great long run, I really didn’t feel good, but I did complete it and that is what matters!

Tuesday, September 3rd –
Track Workout
1.75 mile run to track
6 x 600m repeats with 2 minute recovery
2:41, 2:41, 2:41, 2:38, 3:08, 3:15
1.75 mile run cool down

30 minutes stretching, foam rolling

Wednesday, September 4th – OFF

Thursday, September 5th – OFF

Friday, September 6th –
100 Squats

Saturday, September 7th – OFF

Sunday, September 8th –
14 mile run  – PERSONAL DISTANCE RECORD!!! (2:30-40)

Monday, September 9th – REST

Total Miles: 19.75

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Workouts 8/27 – 9/2

Tuesday, August 27th –
4 mile run
3 x 10 squats on bosu ball
3 x 20 calf raises
3 x 10 of each: dumbell bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder press and bent row
3 x 8 pull ups with purple band
3 x 10 tricep pushups
3 x 10 russian twist with 10lb plate

Wednesday, August 28th – REST

Thursday, August 29th –
3 mile run in 27 minutes
5 mile walk cool down

Friday, August 30th –
3 x 20 narrow squats with shoulder press
3 x 10 tri-cep pushups
3 x 20 squat with leg extension
3 x 10 bi-cep curl
3 x 12 leg curl on fit ball

Saturday, August 31st – OFF

Sunday, September 1st –
11.5 mile run in 1 hour 50 minutes
30 minutes stretching and foam rolling

Monday, September 2nd –
100 body weight squats

Total Miles: 18.5

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Workouts 8/20 – 8/26

This was an off week for me. Getting back into the groove of work and life after two weeks of vacation was a little tough! Thursday’s Insanity class was the kick in the pants I needed to get myself motivated to work out again. I was very sore on Friday after the class. On Sunday, I had to drop down from my scheduled 18k race to the 10k race because I knew running 11 miles would not be a good idea for me. I took it easy and ran the first two miles nice and slow while chatting with a friend. After that I slowly sped up and at mile 5 I started getting competitive. I kept passing people and took the last mile (all up hill) at a good pace. I felt great after my finish and it made me want to get back into my running routine.

Tuesday, August 20th – OFF

Wednesday, August 21st –
30 pushups

Thursday, August 22nd –
30 minute Insanity class
15 minutes stretching

Friday, August 23rd – OFF

Saturday, August 24th – OFF

Sunday, August 25th –
AuGUSTO 10k – 57:13

Monday, August 26th – OFF

Total Miles: 6.2


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September Squat Challenge

Hi everyone!! I’m joining my first ever exercise “challenge”. I have been needing some discipline in my weightlifting, so when I saw this on Pinterest, I had to join!

So starting September first, I will be logging my squats daily. I’m thinking some days I might use weights and some days just body weight. The directions say to do a reasonable number of squats on the first day and add 5 each day after that. Also, take a before and after picture of your butt to see if squats really do give you a better backside!

Who is joining me???

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