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Workouts 9/24 – 9/30

Ah, recover week after my half marathon. Oh wait, I’m still training for a full marathon so this is just another week of training. How crazy is that?? In the past, after running a half marathon I would take at least a week to a month to recover and now I just keep on going like nothing happened! I did only run two days this week, but I was able to achieve another personal distance record of 16 miles. I am truly being carried by God during these runs because I have no idea how else it is possible to run that far!

Tuesday, September 24th –
.5 mile walk with Pearl

Wednesday, September 25th –
.6 mile walk with Pearl
6 mile run
1 mile walk cool down

Thursday, September 26th –
1.33 mile walk with Pearl
Foam roll & stretch

Friday, September 27th –
.5 mile walk with Pearl

Saturday, September 28th – OFF

Sunday, September 29th –
16 mile run in 2:40
20 minutes foam roll & stretch
5.61 mile bike ride

Monday, September 30th –
2.57 mile walk with Pearl
30 tricep push ups
30 air squats
30 modified V-ups
30 bicep curls
30 bent rows
1.5 mile walk with Pearl

Total Miles: 23


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Workouts 9/10 – 9/16

Tuesday, September 10th –
50 air squats

Wednesday, September 11th –
100 air squats

Thursday, September 12th –
20 calf raises
10 tricep push ups
50 air squats

Track Workout
1 mile warm up – 10 minutes
8 x 400m repeats, 2 minute recovery (1:42,1:35,1:35,1:43,1:43,1:42,1:41,1:36)
10 minutes foam roll & stretch

Friday, September 13th – REST

Saturday, September 14th –
15 minute run around my block
30 tricep pushups
100 air squats

Sunday, September 15th –
Time Trial
1 mile warm up
3 mile Time trial (23:35)
20 minutes foam rolling

Monday, September 16th –
8.25 mile run in 1:17
.75 mile walk cool down
30 minutes foam rolling

Total Miles: 17.5

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Workouts 9/17 – 9/23

Oh my goodness, it is less than 8 weeks until I run my very first full marathon. I am totally FREAKING OUT!!! As always, I just don’t feel like I am running enough. I am barely doing any weight training. But on the upside – I was able to get a new PR this week on my half marathon! Very exciting and I tried a new recovery supplement and it really worked! I was incredibly sore all day after the half marathon, but the next morning, I didn’t even know I had run! Amazing!

Tuesday, September 17th –
Crossfit Fight Gone Bad
1 minute each, 3 rounds, rest after each round
Deadlift 75lbs
Med ball squats 20lbs
Box jumps 24″


10 minutes foam roll

Wednesday, September 18th – OFF

Thursday, September 19th –
3 mile run with Pearl!!

Friday, September 20th-
3 mile run in the rain with Pearl

Saturday, September 21st – OFF

Sunday, September 22nd –
Gusto Challenge 13.1 mile race – NEW Personal Record!!! 1:53:28

Monday, September 23rd – REST & RECOVER

Total Miles: 19

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Workouts 9/3 – 9/9

Wow, wow, wow. My workouts have been severely lacking this week. When I came back to work after vacation, we were down a person and I took on a lot more responsibility. This has been great – I have really pushed myself to do more each day and be as productive as possible. It also means that I no longer can leave work in the middle of my day to go running like I had been during summer. Since I live in South Texas, it is also still almost 100 degrees everyday when I get off work, meaning this big baby doesn’t go running much! I made myself do a track workout early in the week, and then I did get a distance PR for my long run on Sunday. It was not a great long run, I really didn’t feel good, but I did complete it and that is what matters!

Tuesday, September 3rd –
Track Workout
1.75 mile run to track
6 x 600m repeats with 2 minute recovery
2:41, 2:41, 2:41, 2:38, 3:08, 3:15
1.75 mile run cool down

30 minutes stretching, foam rolling

Wednesday, September 4th – OFF

Thursday, September 5th – OFF

Friday, September 6th –
100 Squats

Saturday, September 7th – OFF

Sunday, September 8th –
14 mile run  – PERSONAL DISTANCE RECORD!!! (2:30-40)

Monday, September 9th – REST

Total Miles: 19.75

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Workouts 8/27 – 9/2

Tuesday, August 27th –
4 mile run
3 x 10 squats on bosu ball
3 x 20 calf raises
3 x 10 of each: dumbell bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder press and bent row
3 x 8 pull ups with purple band
3 x 10 tricep pushups
3 x 10 russian twist with 10lb plate

Wednesday, August 28th – REST

Thursday, August 29th –
3 mile run in 27 minutes
5 mile walk cool down

Friday, August 30th –
3 x 20 narrow squats with shoulder press
3 x 10 tri-cep pushups
3 x 20 squat with leg extension
3 x 10 bi-cep curl
3 x 12 leg curl on fit ball

Saturday, August 31st – OFF

Sunday, September 1st –
11.5 mile run in 1 hour 50 minutes
30 minutes stretching and foam rolling

Monday, September 2nd –
100 body weight squats

Total Miles: 18.5

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September Squat Challenge

Hi everyone!! I’m joining my first ever exercise “challenge”. I have been needing some discipline in my weightlifting, so when I saw this on Pinterest, I had to join!

So starting September first, I will be logging my squats daily. I’m thinking some days I might use weights and some days just body weight. The directions say to do a reasonable number of squats on the first day and add 5 each day after that. Also, take a before and after picture of your butt to see if squats really do give you a better backside!

Who is joining me???

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Workouts 8/6 – 8/12

Tuesday, August 6th –
3.16 mile run in 32:23

Wednesday, August 7th –2:15 run, 13 miles!

Thursday, August 8th –
3 rounds
20 squats
10 Lunges/leg with arm circles
10 tri-cep push ups
20 toe touches abs
20 leg lifts abs

Friday, August 9th –
60 minute run ~6-7 miles
1 1/2 hours surfing

Saturday, August 10th – OFF
1/2 mile round trip walk to breakfast

Sunday, August 11th – OFF

Monday, August 12th –
1 mile walk

Total Miles: ~24


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