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2014 So Far

Welcome to 2014!! Somehow it is already 4 days into the new year! I wanted to give a quick recap of what I have done so far this year. Also, for anyone who regularly was reading my blog, I apologize for the lack of posting in the last few months of 2013. I hope to get a few recaps written up about what I did, but if not, I would like to say I hope to be back to blogging on a more regular basis. 

New Year’s Day was my 3rd wedding anniversary! Woohoo! It has just flown by, which I would like to attribute the fact of my husband being in law school, taking the bar and myself being a baker. Talk about crazy schedules that don’t mesh up!! But we have done lots of fun things together in the last 3 years and I am looking forward to all the adventures that will come in 2014!

Also, I made myself get up and go for a run on New Year’s day. I believe I ran about 5 or 5.5 miles. I stopped at mile 2 or so to do a few push-ups and dips on a bench, proceeded to sit down and facebook  message a friend, and while sitting there I saw a group of 8 or so ladies running by me. I got up and quickly fell in with them, thinking they would be a good motivator to keep me running! I met a new friend, S, who is a Texas transplant from Iowa originally. We had fun talking about our farm families and new city lives in Texas. 

Oh, I forgot to mention, this post is coming from Dallas because we are up visiting my in-laws for Mimi’s 85th birthday party today. All the brothers and their families are in town and we are having a big old party tonight to celebrate her birthday. I have to go finish decorating her cake as soon as I’m done writing this post! We also celebrated Christmas again, so all the kids could open their presents, and I was supremely spoiled a second time by all of my husbands family!

Yesterday, I took Pearl for a 4 mile run because she was bouncing off the walls! Finally, last night she conked out and was calm. It was a chilly run for me, maybe only 40 degrees and windy! I’m feeling good about my runs, although they are slow, it is nice to get out and get moving after the month of December, in which I only ran and handful of times.

What have you done so far in 2014??

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Workouts 4/30 – 5/6

Tuesday, April 30th –
1 mile walk with Pearl

Wednesday, May 1st –
1 mile walk with Pearl

Thursday, May 2nd –
Crossfit – Fight Gone Bad
Warm-up 400 m row
Workout: 1 minute of each exercise, rest 1 minute, repeat 3 times
Russian kettle bells swings (35lbs)
Ninja sit-ups (14lb med ball)
Walking lunges with plate overhead (25lbs)
Hand release push-ups
Total reps each round: 76, 81, 82

Great workout, I didn’t think I had pushed hard enough when I was done but I was sore for 3 days afterwards! I did 5 real pull ups in a row the first round and most of the push-ups on my toes for the first round which is why my first number was so much lower. I can’t decide if doing full motions slower and less reps is better, or modified to get the anaerobic benefit of the workout. I’ll have to ask my trainer and let you know.

Friday, May 3rd –
3 mile run with Pearl

Saturday, May 4th –
1 mile run with Pearl

Sunday, May 5th –
1 mile walk with Pearl

5 mile bike ride

Monday, May 6th –
4 mile run
40 minutes yoga
1 mile walk with Pearl

Total Miles: 7


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Happy Valentine’s Day


I hope you have a wonderful, chocolate-filled day!

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Weekly Workouts 8/18 – 8/24

I’m finally back on track for posting my weekly workouts! I have been extremely busy with work which has not left me any time for writing blogs and hardly any time for working out. I’m glad to say I’m back on track with workouts, which is good because my pants are getting a little more snug than I prefer!

Saturday 8/18 – Workout at home – moving into a new apartment. We are moving upstairs in our house, so I spent about an hour carrying things up the stairs and running back down. I’m thinking I did 100 or so sets of stairs, with no A/C, so I got my sweat on.

Sunday 8/19 – REST

Monday 8/20 – OFF

Tuesday 8/21 – ~25 minute run, 5 min foam roll/stretch

Wednesday 8/22 –
A.M. – leisurely 1 hour walk
P.M. – 45 minute bike ride downtown

Thursday 8/23 –
P.M. – 10 minute walk/run on treadmill
60 minutes Zumba
30 minutes foam roll and stretch

Friday 8/24 –
Afternoon – 30 minutes cardio: 5 sets of hill sprints + walk/jog recover and 2 sets long sprints +walk/jog recover

What was your favorite workout from this past week?

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San Diego in short

I have never needed a vacation more than right now. I’m so glad we already had this beach vacation planned with Ben’s family. So far we have:
*layed on the beach
*attempted to boogie board
*sunburned my butt-yes,please laugh because it’s funny
*run barefoot on the beach
*ran to the horse race track to watch the morning workouts
*walked around town to see the shops
*hung out with family telling stories, joking and catching up on each others lives
*started the list of reasons to move to San Diego

So far, this has been a great vacation!


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1st Anniversary Weekend

We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary over the New Year’s weekend. Ben did an amazing job of picking a cabin out in the country near Fredericksburg. After picking up the keys, we took about an hour detour the wrong way to find the cabin. When we finally arrived and we just ran around the little cabin, checking everything out and also the scenery. It was so beautiful and peaceful.  

When we got tired of running around, we unloaded the car and sat out on the back porch to enjoy the last of the afternoon.

Upon the recommendation of the guest sheet, we at dinner at a local German restaurant. My meal came with cabbage soup, which I thought was AWESOME!

For the main dish I chose the pork chop with red cabbage. It was one of the best pork chops that I have ever eaten and the red cabbage was ok. Pretty much like sauerkraut but red instead of white.

Ben had the sausage plate with German potatoes, and we decided that the Germans really know how to cook potatoes.

After dinner we went back to the cabin with the plan of sitting in the hot tub and enjoying the rest of the evening. I made the mistake of laying down on the bed and promptly fell asleep at 8:30 on New Years Eve. As my sister pointed out, this make two years in a row that I did not stay away until midnight. Ben was disappointed, but I really couldn’t help it, I was exhausted. The fireworks going off at midnight woke us up but we both fell right back asleep.

The next morning I grabbed my book and sat outside reading in the sun while enjoying the awesome quiet. I never realize how loud it really is in the city, but it was so refreshing to sit in quiet nature. When Ben woke up we made our way to town to eat breakfast at Rathskiller, another German restaurant in the basement of the old hospital. The food was great, so great that I didn’t even get a picture of Ben’s duck a la hollandaise sauce before he had eaten it all. I had eggs with ham, breakfast potatoes and a biscuit.

Next stop was Enchanted Rock. Ben had been planning and lobbying for us to go there since we moved to San Antonio, but we had never made the short drive up to the park. I was a little unimpressed when we got to the park, because the rock doesn’t look that big or tough to climb. We decided to take about a 4 mile hike around part of the park and ending up at the top of the rock. There were lots of fun things along the trail and until about halfway through it seemed as we were the only people in the park.

The picture doesn’t show it well, but when we got to the path through the middle of the two large enchanted rocks, it started to be a challenging trail. There wasn’t really a trail, just a lot of big stepping-stones. As we made our way up the middle we decided to cut back and go straight up the side of the rock. I thought it felt like walking on the stairsteping machine at the gym, and I was glad to get to the top. What a great view! I could finally see for miles and miles like we can in the Northern Plains of home.

A black-eyed pea celebration was going on and we planned to stop by after hiking, but I was tired and needed a nap, which I started in the car. We got home in time to relax a little and then jump into the hot tub with our wedding champagne and watch the sun go down. Leftovers were on the dinner menu along with our year old wedding cake, which was a surprise because I had forgotten what kind of cake I had even ordered! Someone had told me to eat it frozen, so that is what we did, but I found out the next morning the buttercream tasted much better fully thawed out.

I enjoyed another great morning reading in the sun on the front deck and sadly we had to pack up and turn our key in by 11am. The Sunset Grill was the only restaurant serving breakfast at this time, and it was a great choice. I had a great breakfast sandwich and Ben enjoyed some blueberry pancakes. We took the rest of the afternoon to walk around the shops in downtown Fredericksburg. Our favorite store was the sample one of everything store, that had jams, jellies, nut butters, hot sauces, pickled things, bbq sauce, and much, much more. We ended up buying a big jar of bbq sauce. The last thing we did was a wine tasting at D’Vine Wine, where we met a couple who had just gotten married the day before (January 1st)! We tried everything on their list and of course, our favorite wine was the Merlot. Ben liked one of the sparkling white wines, but I wasn’t too fond of them.

I don’t know how much we really reflected on our past year of marriage or our wedding, but I know we both thoroughly enjoyed our anniversary weekend. I was already making plans for “when we come back next year” and wondering if we could actually live in a little tiny cabin like we stayed in. God has blessed us beyond belief this year and I cannot wait to see what year two will bring.


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The best birthday present


There are only a few things that can bring out my super excited, cheesy face AND very few reasons I would even share this slightly embarrassing picture of myself. But its all because I got the best birthday present in the mail yesterday. Now, I’ve gotten some pretty awesome presents in the past, and I could hope for some cool things in the future, but this one really made my day. Of course, this was from my mom, who has spent many years perfecting her gift giving skills. And she has done it. Several times in the last two years that I have been away from home, she will send me a small package, with a little note, maybe some junk mail and ….


DARK CHOCOLATE!!! Yep, that’s right, dark chocolate is the perfect gift anytime, anywhere. This bar will last a week or two, as I only eat a small piece at a time. And it will bring me great joy eat time I have my little bite.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me a gift in the last few days, because they are all great. But, my mom definitely wins the best birthday present award for this year.

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