La Jolla Shores

13 Aug

I am so lucky because Ben is finally done studying for and taking the bar exam!! And that mean it’s vacation time!! First stop is La Jolla California to spend a week with the newest half of my family, a.k.a. The In-Laws. We stayed in an awesome rental house just one block off the beach in La Jolla Shores. It was called the Spanish Hacienda and it was so beautiful. We all agreed we would love to have the kitchen because it was so spacious and fully stocked with all the utensils, dishes, and appliances, including a Margaritaville margarita machine!! When I have money to splurge and a bigger kitchen, I am definitely getting one of those.

We enjoyed a great breakfast out on our last morning. I have a veggie volcano, which was a HUGE mound of eggs and veggies, zucchini, squash, eggplant, mushrooms, onions – so delicious!


Ben enjoyed a Belgian waffle with strawberries and cream.


I took advantage of the great scenery and much cooler temperatures and went running along the coast.


This is about 2 miles from the house, the Children’s beach, which had tons of swimmer and seals. The seals made it smell terrible, but of course they are cool to look at.

The view looking back toward La Jolla Shores.
We have a new addition to the family, our neice, Baby S!! She is so cute, and I even held her for a few minutes. I have to say she is a very happy baby and was all smiles almost the whole week.
We took family pictures to have an updated one with baby S. Before pictures, the girls made a stop at The Dry Bar to get our hair done. It was pretty fun and I was very impressed with how mine turned out. Ben, my M-I-L and B-I-L at pictures.
After the family pictures, Ben and I got a fun picture with sunglasses, especially since my hair was looking pretty awesome, lol.
Early morning beach scene.

We have taken a vacation to San Diego the last couple of summers but haven’t been able to stay for more than a few days. This year we stayed a full week and took some time to see the sites. Well, mainly the San Diego Zoo. I had already been to the zoo, but not since high school and who doesn’t love seeing lots of cool animals?? Flamingos top my list for cool animals to see, mainly because they are the perfect shade of coral pink.

We did a lot of walking, and byte time we got to the Sky Safari cable cars, we were glad to take a ride back to the front of the zoo.

These mere cats were so cute, they jut ll ran around and it really seemed like they knew we were watching them.

And there was a baby giraffe, Penelope, born in May! Yep, super cute! I love the giraffe because they have such pretty and expressive eyes. Even the boys have beautiful long eyelashes.

When we first got into the park, there was a Ranger demonstration with a cheetah and her companion dog. Apparently the cheetahs and wolves are able to live less stressful lives in captivity if they have a dog that is always with them. I didn’t listen to a whole lot of the presentation but it was very interesting that the two animals end up being friends when the wild animals could easily kill the dogs.

Oh yeah, while Ben studied for the bar, he didn’t do anything other than study. That included shaving, so when we arrived in La Jolla, he had this monster of a beard going on. I am not fond of the beard but was willing to put up with it until he could focus on something other than learning the whole entire legal system of rules and regulations. It really didn’t look bad, I just don’t like all that scratchy hair coming in touch with my face, if you know what I mean. The funniest part of the beard was when he would walk up to me and I wouldn’t hardly recognize him! The family reactions to the beard were also quite funny.
Luckily, Ben cares about me more than growing facial hair and he decided to get a full shave and haircut while we were in La Jolla.

For a minute he had just the mustache, and I really hope it’s the only time I actually have to see that…it just doesn’t suit my taste at all!


Sadly, we had to say goodbye to the beach, but only after a wonderful week of family, sun and surfing!



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