Workouts 7/9 – 7/15

30 Jul

Man oh man, I really wish I didn’t always forget to write down my workouts on the day I do them. Tuesday and Monday on this post are complete question marks. I should have run something on Tuesday, but I can’t remember. Twitter and Facebook have no input for me, so I will leave it blank. It is better to under-estimate your training than over-estimate right?? I was pretty happy with myself for getting to the gym and doing some lifting/abs but of course it has not lasted. My schedule just doesn’t work well for me to run and keep up the weight workouts. Or I’m not that dedicated yet!

Tuesday, July 9th – ??

Wednesday, July 10th –
1.5 mile walk/run with Pearl

Thursday, July 11th –
45 minutes run/walk (3.5 miles approximately)
3 rounds of:
10 pull ups
10 back squats (45lbs bar)
10 pushups
10 walking lunges with 25lb plate overhead
10 tricep dips(only did this once)

3 x 20 dumbbell curls on bosu ball
3 x 20 upright rows on bosu ball
3 x 20 kettle bell twist (abs)
3 x 10 v-ups

3 x 10 air squats on bosu ball

Friday, July 12th – OFF
Saturday, July 13th –
3 rounds, 20 reps each
Dumbbell curls
Mountain climbers
Standing lunges
High knees
Shoulder side raise, rotate to press
Bent row
Calf raisers
Weighted crunches
Hip lifts
Sunday, July 14th –
2.5 mile run walk with Pearl
Foam roll and stretch
Monday, July 15th – ??

Total Miles: ~8.5 running & walking


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