Workouts 7/22 – 7/29

25 Jul

This week was tougher for running than I expected. I guess I didn’t get much sleep Sunday or Monday night, which makes it hard to recover from the long run last week on Sunday. Tuesday’s run was tough and Thursday didn’t feel too great, but I just kept pushing. I meant to run 3-4 miles on Friday, but I was too busy at work and didn’t have the will to run in the full sun at 3 or 4pm! I am feeling good running and completing my second 24 Day Challenge. I can definitely tell that I need to be strength training more – or just doing something other than running. My legs are not going to hold up to just running, even if I take great supplements. I know myself and weight training is my friend when I’m working on running consistency.

Tuesday, July 22nd –
4 miles 39 minutes (9:45 average pace)

Wednesday, July 23rd –
15 pushups

Thursday, July 24th –
7 miles in 1:08 (9:45 average pace)

Friday, July 26th – OFF

Saturday, July 27th –
80 air squats
60 calf raises

Sunday, July 28th –
12.24 miles in 1:57 (9:30 average pace)

Monday, July 29th – OFF

Total Miles: 23.24


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