Workouts 7/16 – 7/21

21 Jul

Wow, this was a major running week for me! I pushed hard for the weekday runs, especially on Friday, as I didn’t get out until 11am to run. It was so H-O-T!!! And then on Sunday, I really only meant to run 10 miles because I had accidentally run 9 only tw weeks previously. I didn’t feel like it was the time for me to push myself farther, but I kind of got tricked into it, as my running group said 10 was to a certain park, when really it was 11! My legs were hurting when I was done, but it gave me confidence to have gone farther than I thought my body was ready to handle.

Tuesday, July 16 – OFF

Wednesday, July 17th –
6 miles 56 minutes

Thursday, July 18th – 

Friday, July 19th –
6 miles 56 minutes

Saturday, July 20th – OFF

Sunday, July 21st –
11 miles 1 hour 45 minutes

Monday, July 22nd – OFF

Total Miles : 23


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