Flood Run

27 May

If you have been watching the news since last Friday, you will know that San Antonio had some major flooding happen. Luckily, we were not personally affected by the flooding. On Saturday morning, I woke up and arrived at work around 3 am, just in time for it to start raining. It proceeded to rain all morning, and quite hard. Customers came in and were talking about how it was flooding, and high water in various places around the city. When I went home around 11 am, I took the highways, and the roads were open and not under water. I was already exiting at the spot on US Highway 281 where the road was closed due to flooding. I didn’t really get it when the police were forcing everyone to exit, since I needed to get off anyway. On my way home, I did take the scenic route through Brackenridge park and here are a few pictures from that. There is a bridge in the pictures and a bench, and usually I can run across this area – without getting my feet wet!image




In the picture below, you can see where the river has completely overflowed its banks. Normally this is a grassy area, not under water!


It wasn’t until I got home and started reading twitter, checking facebook and watching the news, that I realized how intense the flooding was. I couldn’t believe how much water was in the Olmos Basin – OVER the highway! To tell you how high that is, normally when you drive, you can just barely see the tops of the trees over the sides of the road. So crazy! Well, Sunday morning, I decided to get up and take a run to survey the flooding situation. Many of my running routes are near the river, Olmos Dam or through the Olmos Basin area. I ran up Devine until I got to this sign.


There was one police officer and two other guys at the barricade taking pictures as well. Normally I run down this road, under the bridge and through the park in the Basin.


The bridge there is actually part of the highway that cuts over the Basin. I don’t think the water got over this part of the highway.


I backtracked a little, and headed over to the Olmos Dam. You can see the dry side of the dam on the left side of this picture.



The water was churning out as fast as they would let it flow. I’ve never seen water coming out of the dam before.


This is the water on the back side of the dam – as you can see, just the tops of the trees are above water!


I was not the only one out running to check out the flooding – I saw several people walking and running along the dam! Later we drove by and there was a line of cars parked on both sides of people looking at the water.


The rain brought out lots of little critters, including the snails! I crunched quite a few by accident before I realized they were all over the sidewalks.


These are my new running shoes – they have about 12 miles on them so far.


And, thanks to my over-zealousness, running 6 miles in my new shoes gave me a nice blister!


When Ben and I went out for dinner, we ended up on the North Side of the Olmos Basin, at the Quarry Market. Here are a few pictures from that area.


The bridge you see here is US Highway 281 again, just to the south (left) is where the highway went underwater. I have to say – the sign is a little understated at the moment!


I am wishing the best for everyone affected by this flooding and also, please pray for the families who lost loved ones due to the floods. Please be safe and remember – turn around, don’t drown!


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3 responses to “Flood Run

  1. margie

    September 28, 2013 at 4:08 PM

    have you ever been flooded out of your home being so close to the dam?

    • Emily @ runningmyliferace

      September 30, 2013 at 11:21 AM

      luckily not because we live on top of a small hill, and on the 2nd floor :)


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