Workouts 4/23-4/29

05 May

Last week, I ran and walked a total of 21 miles. My feet were quite tired on Tuesday to say the least. I also had taken the previous week off from crossfit and lifting, so I started the week out with a butt kicker of a crossfit workout. It was so tough I didn’t make it back for another one all week!

Tuesday, April 23rd –
Warm-Up: 1 mile walk
Skill: deep squat, strict shoulder press, cluster(deadlift, squat to clean and overhead press)
WOD: 12 mintues AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:
5 Cluster (see above) 45lbs
12 Bar Burpee (jump over bar, turn to face bar, finish burpee, jump to other side and repeat 12 times)
I got 5 rounds and 13 reps (5 clusters and 8 bar burpees in the last round)
Cash Out – 800 m run 200 uphill, 200 downhill, repeat
3:13 on my 800m run – I think that means I could run a 6:30 mile???
3 Wall climbs – There is a climbing wall at our gym, so I climbed to the top 3 times and then walked home.

Wednesday, April 24th –
1 mile walk with Pearl

Thursday, April 25th –
1 mile walk with Pearl
100 air squats throughout the day
3 x 20 reps: bicep curls, shoulder presses, bent rows, tri-cep extensions, front rows
2 x 20 reps standing lunges
2 x 20 reps lower-half squats (squat, come halfway up, squat, repeat)

Friday, April 26th –
3.13 mile run with Pearl

Saturday, April 27th –
3.13 mile run with Pearl to register for the Fiesta Fandango 2.6 run
Walk to the run start line
2.6 mile Race
3.1 mile walk home
8.83 miles total!

Sunday, April 28th –Rest

Monday, April 29th –
1 mile walk with Pearl

Total miles: 9.5


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