Workouts 4/16 – 4/22

23 Apr

Wow, this week was just crazy. On Monday, the Boston Marathon Bombing happened, and hundreds of people were injured and 3 died at the finish of the marathon route. I was so shocked and hurt by this act and felt my only response would be to run. Someone posted on twitter that people should run or walk 26.2 minutes on Tuesday in honor of the marathon. I meant to just go for a walk with Pearl that day (I didn’t even have my running clothes on) but something stirred in me and I started running and didn’t stop until 4 miles later. At that point, I decided I would try to run 26.2 miles this week in honor of those who were hurt, perished or didn’t get to finish their marathon.

Tuesday, April 16th –
4 mile run for Boston

Wednesday, April 17th –
1 mile walk

Thursday, April 18th –
4 mile run for Boston

Friday, April 19th –
1 mile walk with Pearl

Saturday, April 20th – OFF

Sunday, April 21st –
6.14 miles in 54:35!!! 7 miles total in 1:04 for Boston
Foam roll & stretch

Monday, April 22nd –
3 mile walk, 1 mile run

Total miles including walks this week: 21


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