Workout 4/9 – 4/15

21 Apr

Crossfit on Tuesday totally kicked my butt! I was completely wiped out until Friday, although I did want to workout earlier, I was just too tired. Sometimes you just need rest, and that is pretty much what this week was for me.

Tuesday, April 9th –
Crossfit –
Warm-up: run to guy, stretching, slow squats

WOD: Malcolm’s Madness!
3 rounds of:
21 kettle bell swings (35lbs)
15 Two arm kettle bell squat (hold kettle bell in an extremely odd position on your arm)
400m one arm farmer walk (still holding kettle bell on arm, can switch but it’s really painful either way!)

If you set your kettlebell down during this workout – you must do three burpees – setting it on your shoe is actually putting it down, so I ended up doing burpess. This was an insanely hard workout! I finished in 13:13, and promptly walked out of the gym and went home (grumbling “thank you” to my trainer). No way was I doing the cash-out!

Wednesday, April 10th – REST

Thursday, April 11th – REST

Friday, April 12th –

Saturday, April 13th –
3 mile run, 400 m uphill walking lunges

Sunday, April 14th –
2 mile walk

Monday, April 15th- REST

Total Miles: 3


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