AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge – Day 17

22 Mar

I am really amazed at how fast and seamlessly this challenge is going by. It probably helps that I have already been eating a pretty good diet for fat-loss but I have still had to work to eat well each day. The one major thing I have noticed the past few days is that my digestion seems very regular. Most people know that I have some stomach problems but after a few days on the MNS (metabolic nutrition system) I am really feel good. Some issues are still present, but I think that is mainly due to eating too much food at one time. I am working hard to balance out my meals over the day and try to keep my blood sugar levels in check. My caffeine intake has also greatly decreased since starting on the challenge. Yesterday I didn’t have any caffeine and today I only had half a Spark.

5:30 AM: MNS 3 Color Packet #1

6:00 AM: MNS 3 White Packet #1
Meal Replacement Shake with 1/2 large sweet potato, 4 ounces almond milk and water to thin it out – so thick and so good!!

9:00 AM: 1 orange

10:30 AM: salad with spinach, romaine, 4 ounces roast beef, 2 ounces turkey, shredded carrots, cucumber slices and spicy mustard, onions, and balsamic dressing

11:00 AM: 1/2 Spark

1:30 PM: I started cooking and munched on various veggies while cooking – celery, red bell pepper, cauliflower, cucumber noodles, and some tator tots. I also ate 1/2 a grapefruit

3:15 PM: MNS Color Packet #2 and White Packet #2
3 ounces Swai(?) fish – white, similar to tilapia, cooked in olive oil with lime and pepper seasoning on two homemade corn sopes(decent, but La Gloria Ice House has better ones!) with a little salsa,

5:15 PM: Crossfit

Total Water ~100 including Spark

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