AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge – Day 14

20 Mar

Only 10 days left, I can’t really believe it. The challenge is going by really fast. I was very tired after this past week of fun with family and I ended up sleeping 14 hours last night! That means my eating is a little off today.

12:30 PM: MNS 3 Color Packet #1

12:45 PM: 1 Grapefruit

1:00 PM: 2.5 mile bike to church

1:30 PM: Advobar RAW

2:30 PM: 3 cups of salted popcorn, 10 ounces coffee

4:45 PM: 4 ounces chicken stir-fried with 1/2 red bell pepper, 2 celery stalks, diced onion, 1 1/2 cups white rice, coconut oil, coconut aminos (like soy sauce without soy or gluten!)

6:45 PM: 1/2 spark

7:20 PM: 7.23 mile run – Rehydrate Gel at Mile 3 – so amazing and way better than the other energy gels I have used in the past

8:45 PM: MNS 3 Color Packet #2

9:30 PM: 2 hard-boiled egg, 1 sweet potato with almond butter and cinnamon, MNS 3 White Packet #2,

10:00 PM: chips with some salsa, 4 cups salted popcorn – um, yeah, totally messed up on the eating here. This is why I NEED to eat every few hours with balanced macronutrients. Also, I really crave salt after I run, so I need to stay out of the kitchen to avoid eating too much salt.

Total Water ~80 ounces

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