AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge – Day 8

14 Mar

Well, I tried to eat less salt and fried food, but I still ended up eating fries and chips :( I know that planning ahead and having food prepared is the best way for me to avoid eating those types of foods. I’m pretty good at avoiding bread and other processed foods, but fries and chips always get me because they are mostly gluten-free and are carbs. Sometimes, I just forget to eat carbs and get really hungry and just chow down on low quality carbs, like chips and fries. If I had other good carbs ready to eat, I would probably pick them instead. I’m still learning the best way to keep my stomach healthy and happy while getting a good macronutrient balance.

8:00 AM: Probiotic and water

9:00 AM: Fiber drink with grapefruit and lime juice

10:45 AM: 2 scrambled eggs with salt and pepper, 1/4 c oatmeal with a few blueberries

11:00 AM: 1/2 spark

12-6:00 PM: 2.5 miles walking around Sea World

3:00 PM: huge smoked turkey leg with bbq sauce – I have been wanting one of these for over a month since the rodeo, it was SO good and made my day!

6:30 PM: 3 celery stalks with salsa, almond butter and chips with salsa

Total water ~64 ounces?? not enough for sure even though I was trying to drink more water

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