Workouts 2/12-2/25

26 Feb

Oh wow, I haven’t been tracking my workouts for a few weeks…like three to be exact. This is partly due to the fact that I have not really been working out. I might have mentioned previously that the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo was going on during February, and since I volunteer out there, it usually leaves me exhausted and with no time for exercise! Hey, great idea when I’m supposed to be training for a half marathon right?? I did this last year too, I really ought to have learned my lesson then. Anyway, here is the recap for the last two weeks and I plan on rocking the workouts/running for the next month before my next race on March 24th.

Tuesday, February 12th – Crossfit!! Disclaimer – if you try this at home, you will be sore for at least 3 full days!

TABATA Tuesday: Warm-up: Up-hill Farmer Walk (40lbs) – carry 40 lb dumbbell up hill for 20 seconds, rest 10, repeat 8 times

WOD: Air Squats (about 20 per round) – as many squats as you can in 20 seconds, try to get that many each round – wow, were my thighs burning after this!!
Sit-ups: Open gate, butterfly position with your legs, arms outstretched overhead and use arms to propel yourself up and over, it seems like cheating but you will definitely still feel it as long as you keep your abs engaged all the way up and all the way down
Pull-ups: I attempted kipping pull-ups, which I am terrible at, but this was still a great workout – I think I got about 20 pull-ups total?? Cash-out a.k.a. Ab Killer: 1 minute regular plank, 30 seconds right side, 30 seconds left side, 30 seconds reg plank, 30 seconds on forearms, then die (just kidding…kind of).

Wednesday, February 13th – OFF This is the day before Valentine’s, so I just worked 10 hours or something making cakes, cookies, and cupcakes for all those lovers out there.

Thursday, February 14th – OFF Oh hey, Valentines day…how does 30 dozen mini cupcakes, 6 flourless cakes, 20 dozen large cupcakes, 12 dozen sugar cookies and about 6 cakes sounds for a good day of work?? Yep, I worked, napped and then my wonderful husband grilled our Valentine’s dinner.

Friday,  February 15th – REST

Saturday, February 16th – OFF

Sunday, February 17th –
1.5 mile walk in the beautiful hill country!!!
30 minute horseback riding

Monday, February 18th – Today Show TV workout – watch the Today Show and pick one exercise to do during each segment
3 rounds of each exercise : lunges, calf raises and squats
1.5 mile walk

Tuesday, February 19th –
3.3 mile run – I think…one of the days before I went to the rodeo I went for a quick run but I can’t remember which day, oops!

Working at Rodeo – not much exercise

Wednesday, February 20th –

Working at Rodeo – Loading and unloading tack, hay, and shavings – definitely got my sweat on!

Thursday, February 21st – I worked at the rodeo for about 2 hours, but it was slow and I was tired so I got off early and went home to bed!

Friday, February 22nd – OFF

Saturday, February 23rd –
3 miles hill runs (200 meters up-hill, 200 meters recover)
10 rounds of 10 squats, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups – I did the squats slow to work on control, 3 rounds of regular push-ups, 7 rounds on knees, open gate sit-ups

Sunday, February 24th –
5 mile round trip bike ride to church and home
1 mile walk with Ben & Pearl on the Riverwalk

Monday, February 25th –
AM: 3.3 mile run – slow and steady, felt pretty good by the end

Total Miles: 9.6

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