Superbowl Party

05 Feb

So the Superbowl was about one month ago. It’s a little late for a post about the party we had, but you know, maybe some of you are missing football. Here is a post to hold you over for a few months until training camps start and to get you thinking pinning about next year’s Superbowl Party. We decided to host as many of our friends as our little apartment would hold, about 20 people to be exact. That meant about 6 were permanently sitting on the floor, two on our big chair and several in lawn chairs in the living room. The more the merrier, right? Check out that awesome veggie spread on the table…that only I touched!!


Here’s a few more people packed in, watching the game intently.


And here are all my non-football loving people, haha! We were just chatting it up and I think K was taking a nap during at least part of the game.


Oh yeah M & C don’t really care about football either…texting, tweeting and facebooking away :)


And then there was a power outage in the Superdome. People were sort of getting restless, so I brought out the Catch-Phrase and we played a couple rounds until the game resumed. I have to say it was quite fun after I changed the batteries and we could actually read the cues we were supposed to be guessing.


The remains after the party…


Here is a view of the oops-cake that made a wonderful debut as dessert at our party. I had made these cakes at work, but they did NOT work out. Look at how badly they came out of the pans!! So, I took a few layers home and made dessert for our party.


This is a strawberry filling with a coconut milk chocolate ganache on a simple yellow cake. I found out that I did not have any platters big enough for a 12″ cake, so I will be searching for some cool platters/trays that are larger so I am prepared in the future. So much ganache dripped off the cake as I was layering it…and it ALL ended up in my mouth. What can I say, I love chocolate!!


Other food on the menu was:

  • Walking tacos – beef and turkey options
  • Queso – I actually made really good queso in our fondue pot. Yay for a good queso recipe and using our wedding gifts
  • Guacamole – using Ben’s awesome recipe
  • Vodka-soaked chocolate dipped strawberries – thank you V for brining those!
  • Fried Chicken – thank you L for bringing that
  • Pigs in a blanket – thank you K & J for bringing those
  • Meatballs in a blanket – thank you C & N
  • Wine & Beer – Thanks H & L and M & T for that contribution

We had a great party and although I totally forgot to take a picture of the food table, I know we ended the night with more food than we started with! I actually just threw away some old veggies from the party that I still hadn’t been able to eat! Oh, and our house got a little re-arranged and we really like the set-up. Yay for parties, friends and food…and I guess the Superbowl for giving us another reason to have people over. This was our first big get-together in our tiny apartment, but hopefully it will not be the last.


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