Workouts 1/22 – 1/29

31 Jan

It’s recovery week! I like it but hate it all at the same time. I’m actually feeling great and so it is very hard to take it easy and let my body recover. I tried to run a little on Wednesday but felt some pain in my left calf, so I stopped and just walked. My calf still hurt on Sunday, but it’s definitely feeling like a shin splint more than anything, so rest will be the cure. I’ll probably hit up the chiropractor as well. It really felt good to hit the weights on Sunday and I need to keep them in my weekly workout mix.

Tuesday, January 22nd – REST

Wednesday, January 23rd –
1 mile walk
Modified At-Home Chipper from Tina

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My Version:
100 squats
90 open gate sit-ups
80 Alternating Back Lunges (total for both legs)
10 Burpees
10 Hand-Release Push-ups
60 second Plank
25 Alternating Superman’s
25 Superman’s
10 push-ups
30 Hollow Rocks (attempts anyway)
10 push-ups

Thursday, January 24th –
3 mile walk

Friday, January 25th –
3 mile walk

Saturday, January 26th –
1 mile walk

Sunday, January 27th –
1 mile walk
5 mile round-trip bike ride to church
3 block run warm up
Burpee Workout
Burpee/push-up/single arm row (1 rep up to 10 reps of the row, burpee/push-up in between 12 lb)
Burpee/push-up/standing double arm row (1-10 reps again for the row 12 lb)
Burpee/push-up/row/dumbell curl (1-10 for db curl 8 lb)
Burpee/push-up/row/tricep extension/rear delt fly(1-8 for delt fly 8 lb)
Dumbell pull-over with hip lift (10, 9 & 8 reps with 10 lb kettlebell)
Side bends(3 x 10 reps with 25 lbs)
10 minutes yoga
3 block cool down

Monday, January 28th –
40 minute easy bike ride
Cross-fit – Yep, I’m back at it!!
Warm-up 2 rounds
10 alternating lunges
10 open-gate sit-ups
10 hand release push-ups
WOD: Team Something I can’t remember what
16 rounds of:
100m hill sprint
10 Kettlebell swings

One team member runs the sprint, then the whole team does the Kettlebell swings. I am not running so I did 10 burpees each time it was my turn to run. All together I did 40 burpess and 160 Kettlebell swings in 15 minutes.

Cash-out a.k.a AB KILLER
3 minutes open gate sit-ups
3 minutes toes to ring

I got 56 sit-ups and 22 T2R.

Total Miles: 0


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