Workouts 12/11-12/24

02 Jan

Ah, how I need to remember to write my workouts down after I do them! I got so busy at work during the holidays season that I completely forgot to write up my workouts. Now I can barely remember what I did last week, let alone the 2nd week of December. I’m sure I took our dog for a few runs/walks but I know it was rainy for almost a whole week and being so busy at work meant I was sleeping a LOT instead of working out.

Tuesday, December 11th –
3 mile run

Wednesday, December 12th –
20 minute walk with dog??

Thursday, December 13th –
~5 mile run

Friday, December 14th – ??

Saturday, December 15th – ??

Sunday, December 16th –
6 mile run on the riverwalk

Monday, December 17th –
3 mile walk

Tuesday, December 18th –
20 minute walk
20 minute body weight leg workout
15 minutes arm workout
8 minute mile pace workout:
4 x 100m repeat with 100m rest
4 x 200m repeat with 100m rest

Wednesday, December 19th – REST

Thursday, December 20th –
3 mile walk

Friday, December 21st – REST

Saturday, December 22nd –
Afternoon: 5 mile run
Evening: 3 mile walk

Sunday, December 23rd – REST

Monday, December 24th – REST

Total Miles: ~ 15


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