A Taste of Winter

10 Dec

Winter has finally arrived in South Texas! Overnight it went from about 70 degrees to 30 with wind and clouds and a light frost. I actually woke up in the middle of the night and ran out to the deck to cover up my few plants to make sure I didn’t let frost kill them. I have worked very hard gotten lucky and somehow I have kept them alive since July! I haven’t ventured outside yet today, but I am excited to put on some jeans, boots and a sweater because it just doesn’t feel right wearing sandals and shorts through the whole month of December.

In preparation for the cold weather I made two different Paleo soups yesterday. Really I made them because I had all the ingredients and it is a very convenient way to get lots of veggies. The first soup I made was a broccoli, kale and turnip soup. It is so easy and very tasty. Turnips had never crossed my radar before two weeks ago when I went to the Pearl Farmer’s Market and picked some up. I got about 5 pounds of turnips and greens for $2 – how awesome. I then had to do some reasearch as to how to cook and eat them – mashed and baked were the most popular ways they are eaten. They have an interesting flavor, which I cannot describe but I definitely like them and would recommend trying them.

To make the soup, you need to peel the turnips and cut into cubes. I used the brocoli stems to utilize the whole vegetable and just kind of peeled the hard edges away and then cubed them. Lastly, I washed the kale and pulled it off the stems and into silver dollar size pieces. I threw it all into a sauce pan and covered with water. Season with salt and pepper and boil for 20 minutes or until the turnips and brocoli are soft.


After turning the heat off, I let the veggies cool a little. Drain most of the water and dump the veggies into the blender. I added about 1/2 and avocado to thicken the soup and some Tony’s seasoning for a little extra kick. Blend until smooth and you have a beautiful, green soup!


If you like green smoothies, you’ll love this soup. Next up was tomato soup. I have previously made a tomato basil soup, and loved it. I had most of the ingredients on hand and an open can of coconut milk that needed to be used up. I sauted 1/4 cup of diced onions and three cloves of minced garlic in coconut oil until they were soft. Next stop is the blender, where you dump one 28 ounce can of crushed tomatoes, 3/4 to one can of coconut milk and the garlic and onions and blend until smooth.


I had plans to put this back into the pan and add more seasonings, but it was so tasty after blending, I just let it be. Paleo Tomato soup is so awesome! It has a little sweet coconut flavor, but still very tomato-y and the onion and garlic were just perfect.


What are you favorite cold weather foods?

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One response to “A Taste of Winter

  1. Mom

    December 10, 2012 at 10:38 AM

    Have to lol about keeping plants alive – I remember a time not too many years ago you wouldn’t even consider having a plant! I am so proud of you and your cooking. I take NO credit for your interests in the kitchen…it’s your grandmothers’ influence on you!


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