Workouts 10/30 – 11/5

28 Nov

This weeks marks the beginning of November, which means the beginning of Pile On The Miles, a holiday challenge to keep working out during the holidays. I’m already in week 7 or maybe even 8 of my marathon training, but why not add something else to keep me motivated?! Plus, you can win prizes…and I’m all about winning free cool stuff. It might be too late to sign up to be able to win prizes, but that doesn’t mean you can join in and get moving during the holidays!

Tuesday, October 30th
6 mile run
 PM: Crossfit WOD
20 minutes – As Many Rounds as possible of:
3 Handstands (hold for 5 seconds)
5 Burpees
10 Arm-thrower sit-ups with legs in a butterfly

I got 9 rounds…pretty pathetic until you consider the fact that I had worked 12 hours previous to the workout

Wednesday, October 31st –
PM: 4 miles

Thursday, November 1st –
Afternoon: 7 mile run in 1:07
.6 mile walk
15 minutes foam roll

Friday, November 2nd –
6 mile run
PM: .25 mile warm up run
3 rounds each set:

Dumbell step up on bench with heavy weight
Bulgarian split squat with med weight
Dead lift with 45lb bar
400 m hill run

Bent row with medium weight
Reverse fly with light weight
Hammer curls with medium weight
400m hill run

Incline chest press with med weight
Seated shoulder press with light weight
Incline tricep extension with light weight
400 m hill run

.25 mile run home
5 mile round trip  bike ride to dinner

Saturday, November 3rd – OFF

Sunday, November 4th –
AM: 5.25 mile run in 50:59
.75 mile walk cool down
15 minutes foam rolling/stretching

Monday, November 5th –
12 mile run

Total Miles: 30.5

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