Paleo Cauliflower Pizza Crust

25 Oct

I’m writing this as my crusts are cooking in the oven. I used a recipe from Fast Paleo – thank you! It’s three ingredients and not complicated. Although, I will say that I did not fully read the recipe because I thought I should flip my crusts after only 5 minutes of baking – WRONG. Wait 10-15 minutes, and then flip them.Pizza crust one got messed up but crust two flipped very nicely when I waited. I’ve been waiting to try this recipe for a while and am very excited to see how it turns out. My plan is to make a Mexican pizza with some slow cooked chicken breast, salsa, cilantro and onion. It says you can freeze the crusts for later, so I intend to do that for future use.


I really do love eating Paleo, now that I am used to it. For the most part I feel better and I know that I’m putting good things in my body. The only problem is that it takes so darn long to put together something to eat. Even if you have veggies chopped, and meat cooked, you still have to saute them, or cook your eggs or make sauces for flavorings…if you don’t want super boring meals! I’m trying to make some things that will last a few days, like Cucumber Noodles from The Clothes Make the Girl, various versions of coleslaw (bacon jam coleslaw anyone?? yes, it was good along with cilantro lime coleslaw), Potato-less Potato salad was also great, and some Red Pepper Dried Tomato meatballs (my own creation!) were wonderful. Here is my Mexican Pizza, not pretty but VERY tasty!


See paleo can be fun and tasty! Ben will eat meat-y things that I make, but he’s not really into veggies. Unless they come in the form of white potatoes (chips, fries, baked, hashbrowns, mashed, grilled, ect)! I just finished my pizza, and it was incredibly enjoyable! Even if you don’t eat paleo, this is a great alternative to traditional pizza with all the breading, grease and cheese! And the follow-up, these work great to put in the oven for future pizza crust use!


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