Marathon Training – Day 1

12 Sep

I wanted to write a quick post about my first day of marathon training. This is still pretty crazy and I can’t quite believe I’m really going to run a marathon. I’m just going to take it one day at a time and if I do well with training, then I’ll be running.

Today’s workout was 3 miles, which I ran after work on the Riverwalk. It was a nice flat route, but it was pretty warm at 1:30 this afternoon! I have run about 5 times in the last two weeks, but luckily my legs and feet are feeling pretty good. After my run, I spent about 10 minutes foam rolling and then searched the kitchen for lunch. Tuna salad came to my rescue, I opened a can and added lots of chopped veggies including, onions, bell peppers, celery, jicama and avocado with a little Tony’s seasoning.

What crazy/out-of-the-ordinary things are you beginning this fall?


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4 responses to “Marathon Training – Day 1

  1. Mom

    September 12, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    Honey, I am proud of you for even attempting it! – and Day 1 is now done! :-)

  2. Danica @ It's Progression

    September 12, 2012 at 5:25 PM

    a full marathon?!?! AHH!!! When is it?!

  3. Urban Running Girl

    September 12, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    Good luck with your training!

  4. hemingwayrun

    September 13, 2012 at 8:19 AM

    Good luck! Keep it up!


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