Reflections: 3 days of my new job

25 Aug
Reflections: 3 days of my new job

My first three days of work at the bakery have been great. I have always been a morning person, but waking up a 3:55am is a little earlier than I am used to. I am to work by 5 and have been working about 7 hours since I am in training right now. My main duties right now are making frosting (chocolate, buttercream, cream cheese and peanut butter), frosting cupcakes, pre-icing cakes and doing dishes. Ah, dishes, it reminds me a of my high school job, but at least now I’m only washing what I get dirty.

Today was absolutely awesome in terms of experience. Maybe you could tell from my cover picture, but today I got to help make a lego cake! The cakes were baked yesterday and pre-iced by my trainer, and then once the cakes had set, we set out on icing them in green and blue.


Pretty cool, right?? I actually had contemplated making a lego cake for a friend earlier this year, but decided it was a little to hard for me at the time. After helping with this cake today, I think I could do one by myself. I also got to make icing for a whiskey cake and ice the cake. After tasting the whiskey icing, I may need to add liquor to all my baked goods in the future! Ok, not really, but it was pretty tasty! Check out the pictures below and guess which lego was mine.



Which lego did I decorate? What are your favorite baked goods with odd ingredients (alcohol, candy, soda, etc)?

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