Missing Workout Logs….Oops!

25 Jul

If I have any loyal blog followers out there, I’m sure you have noticed that my workout logs have been a little sparse the last month or so. Don’t worry, I didn’t stop working out! I just stopped writing them down, which is not so good for keeping track of my progress. What have I been doing the last few weeks?

Bodypump class – I’ve gone about 4 times in the last two weeks. It is a great way to get a total body weight workout and I’m always sore from it!

Running/walking – I have been running on the Riverwalk on the weekend mornings and I even ran on the treadmill last week with a friend. We had a great time running and chatting. I even ran during my lunch hour yesterday! I also have been walking some during my runs just because I want to be outside for longer in the mornings. I like walking during my lunch hour because I can get a little tan and a little exercise and not be too sweaty before going back to my desk.

Ab exercises – After my treadmill run, I did a few select ab exercises and they were good ones because my midsection was sore for three days after!

Rowing machine – I have rarely used the rowing machine in the past, but last Friday night I rowed 4000m for a light workout.

Bike riding – Ben and I have taken the bikes out a couple times in the last few weeks for short rides down to the local food truck park and home. You can’t beat exercise before and after gourmet food!

I didn’t have any pictures to liven up this post, so I hope you enjoy the various colors of text. What workouts have you been enjoying lately?


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