Endurance Saturday

21 Jul
Endurance Saturday

This post might have been more appropriately titled Endurance Week or possibly Endurance MONTH! I feel like life has been non-stop for quite a while and I’m just trying to catch up all over the place.

Anyway, this week was testing my emotional and mental endurance with changes at work. Our company went under new ownership in February, new software version in May and now we are moving to a completely new software system. To say the least, it has been challenging in both good and bad ways. I worked a marathon day on Thursday from 8am to 7pm, due to some technological problems.

After the long workweek, I decided to do a little house cleaning last night and then headed over to the gym. I rowed 4000m in 30 minutes and then did about 20 minutes of ab and glute exercises. It wasn’t an especially strenuous workout, but much-needed activity to bust some stress. Ben was working on his paper, so I didn’t feel bad that I was at the gym on a Friday night. It was quite nice because there were only a handful of people and it felt like I had the whole place to myself.

I am not sure if it was complete deliriousness, or what, but this morning I woke up and decided that I would run to the gym and go to bodypump class. In reality, it is not that far, only 4 miles but the problem is getting home! I took some water with me and stopped at Central Market for a Banana Bread LARA bar and a GU, only they didn’t have GU so I tried the PowerBar brand of energy gels in strawberry flavor. It was not too bad and had a thinner consistency than GU so it was easier to swallow while running. Normally I wouldn’t have GU unless I was running over 6 or 7 miles, but for some reason I was pretty tired by mile 2, which was at Central Market.

The rest of my run went smoothly and I got to the gym about 10 minutes before class started. I ate my LARA bar, drank some water and tried to mentally prepare myself for a tough weightlifting class. As I was running I realized that this kind of combo activity was going to push my limits and I had to keep motivating myself that I would make it through. I had to rest a little during a couple sets in bodypump, but for the most part it was a good class. I ended the day with about 20 minutes of painful much needed foam rolling.


I grabbed a banana from the gas station while I was walking home. Luckily Ben woke up and could come pick me up, because I was pretty tired and walking 4 miles home might have been a little much. Or I would have slept for the rest of the day. As if I had not done enough this morning, when I got home I decided to finish a little housework, then shower and make breakfast lunch, since I ate it at 12:45pm. I made a combo bowl of oatmeal/no-oats oatmeal with two eggs, 1/3 cup of quick oats, chia and flax seed, almond milk, cinnamon, and some water. It turned out pretty good, and of course I was hungry, so just about anything would have tasted good!


I’m trying to relax for the rest of the day but I do have a few errands to run. Boring things like getting toothpaste and taking books back to the library to avoid fees. And then tonight Ben and I are going to see the new Batman movie (prayers for Aurora!!!) with friends from law school. I had absolutely no interest in going to see the movie, but there is really no reason I can’t go. Plus we are going to the Alamo Drafthouse (dinner during the movie) and we are hanging out with friends we don’t get to see enough…so I definitely needed to go!

Last but not least, I picked this big box up from Fed-Ex today….any guesses on what it is? I’ll write another post to tell you what it is as long as you post your guesses. Have a great Saturday!



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2 responses to “Endurance Saturday

  1. Sharon

    July 21, 2012 at 2:52 PM

    Deep Fryer?

  2. Other Mom

    July 21, 2012 at 10:16 PM

    hmmm, new comforter?


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