Happy 4th of July

04 Jul


Wow, long time no blog. Sorry to my followers for being a boring blogger lately!

Anyway, happy 4th of July everyone! This is a special holiday to me because it is the time our family (anyone related or friends are invited) gathers at the lake cabin in Minnesota. Since moving to Texas, I have been able to go home every year, except this year. I was already home twice in early summer, for my sister’s birthday and a wedding, so I wasn’t too bummed because we had lots of family time.

As I’m writing this, Ben and I are traveling to MN. We are going home on the 4th of July to be with family and celebrate my Grandma Noni’s life, who passed away last weekend. It’s an unexpected trip for an unexpected and very sad reason, but I’m thankful we’re going home. We are all going to miss her greatly. Unfortunately, we are having a bad travel day and were supposed to be home by now, instead if sitting in the DFW airport. Hopefully we’ll make it to the lake for fireworks.

The picture is of key lime pie cake balls. I had planned on making a key lime pie cake and making a flag on top but the cakes failed and the only way to salvage the idea was cake balls. As far as I’m concerned, cake balls are much more time consuming than a two later cake, so it made for a long night in the kitchen before our work celebration for the 4th of July.

What are you’re 4th of July traditions?

Do you have any fun red, white and blue dishes?


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