Where I belong

21 Jun





Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to go out to my old roommate’s house and ride horse!

I had texted her just to ask if I could come groom or clean stslls because I just needed some time with horses, riding was just icing on the cake.

Out was an absolutely beautiful night. We had rain earlier in the day and our Texas summer heat totally dissipated into a warm summer evening with a nice breeze.

My horse for the night was Gameboy, a very well trained barrel horse. My only instructions were to keep him calm and that was work for me. I haven’t been riding since Thanksgiving so I’m really out of practice. He was very forgiving and we had a nice ride.

The whole time I just kept thinking, this is where I belong: in the country, on a horse. I really miss riding but I’m being patient for the right timing and luckily, just when I need a little horse time, I get it. I’m very thankful for K  me come out and ride.

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One response to “Where I belong

  1. Mom

    June 26, 2012 at 4:43 PM

    What great pics and what a treat to get to the country and ride! :-)


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