Workouts 4/21 – 4/27

03 May

Wow, this whole week has gone by and I didn’t even start writing this post! I hope I can remember all the workouts I did. Actually, it won’t be that hard, because I wrote out a 4 week workout plan and almost stuck to week 1 to a T. The only thing that held me back was some eating restrictions for a dr. appointment that I had on Monday.

Saturday, May 21st –
5k race

Sunday, May 22nd – Mall walking for a few hours

Monday, May 23rd – REST

Tuesday, May 24th –
AM: 20 minute burpee workout – turned into only  15 minutes because I only got to 6 reps per exercise

Wednesday, May 25th –
Noon: 25 minute walk
PM: 3 x 12 chair dips
2 x 30 seconds each leg, plank position with leg side tap  (I don’t alternate like the video)
3 x 10 overhead tricep extensions (5lb weights for all following exercises)
3 x 10 shoulder combo: side raise, rotate and press
3 x 10 rear deltoid raises
3 x 15 bicep curls
dumbell crunch on fit ball
leg lifts with fit ball
leg lifts with V at bottom (this video shows the plain leg lift)

Thursday, May 26th –
Noon: 25 minute walk
M: Modified Track Workout
10 minute run warm up
3 rounds: 15 tire jumps, run 200 m
2 x 15 alternating walking lunges with rear leg lift
1 x 15 alternating walking lunges with skip
3 x 15 single leg calf raises
3 x 15 single leg squats on tire
3 x 15 sumo squats

Friday, May 27th –
Noon: 3 x 10 assisted pull-ups (50 lbs on machine)
3 x 10 upright row (10, 10, 10)
3 x 10 dumbbell bench press on fit ball (12.5, 15, 15)
3 x 10 lat pull down (40, 40, 40)
3 x 10 hanging leg raises, 2 sets straight legs, 1 set bent legs
3 x 10 seated row (20, 30, 30)

Total Miles: 3.7


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