My track is under construction

26 Apr

I had a great track workout planned for Wednesday night. I use the track at the college near my house because they leave their track open to the public. In addition to this, they always have hurdles and boxes (varying heights for box jumps) set out. To my surprise, when I got to the track, I found this:


The track is completely under construction until late August! So, what to do? I ran around the track to the back side and hoped that my favorite tire was still outside the track. And….


There it is; luckily, all is not lost for today’s workout. Of course, I still needed a loop to run around, and again, look what I found:


The picture isn’t very clear, but basically there was a little loop to the left, down 12 stairs, up a little incline and back around to the tire. I ran two laps to get warmed up.  My first exercise set was 15 tire jumps (in place of box jumps) and then run a lap, repeat three times. Following this, I did three sets of walking lunges, three sets of one-legged squats on the tire, three sets of single leg calf raises and lastly, three sets of sumo squats. My friend met for her “personal training” session (more on that in another post soon). And afterward, we went back to my house where I made us smoothies. I didn’t get a picture of hers (banana, blackberry, protein powder, 1/2 kiwi, little spinach and almond milk). My green almost all veggie smoothie is pictured below.


Ingredients were:
1 mustard green leaf (trying something new, not as bitter as other greens)
1/2 kiwi
1/2 avocado

I will not lie, this was not an awesome tasty smoothie. It really could have used some sweetener or other flavor added in. It was full of nutrients, so I did drink it down. Well, as you might imagine, this smoothie didn’t really keep me full for too long. I also didn’t have any protein after my workout, so about 9:30pm I made a batch of these:


Paleo pancakes. Pretty easy, mash one banana, add ~1 Tbsp. almond butter and one egg, mix well. Pour into warmed pan with a little olive oil and let cook. It kind of comes out with the texture of no-oats oatmeal, but in the form of a pancake. I’ve made other versions with pumpkin that turned out a little better, but this got me some protein and was a nice way to end my night.

What do you do when your workout plans don’t work out? What are your favorite after workout snacks/meals?

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