Easiest New Dinner Ever

16 Apr

I have to share the easiest new recipe I made on Friday, Slow Cooker Texas Pulled Pork, thank you to and a Google search. Someone had mentioned how common it was to eat BBQ Pork Sandwiches at high school graduations back home, which sparked a craving and I decided I should try to make it. I picked up a 3.5lb Boneless Boston Pork Butt roast and followed the recipe.

Rustlin' Rob's Wild (BBQ Sauce, Hot)

For the BBQ sauce, I used Rustlin’ Rob’s Wild Barbecue Sauce, courtesy of our anniversary trip to Fredericksburg. 1 tablespoon of oil went in to the bottom of the crock pot and then the roast. I placed the brown sugar and chili powder directly on the roast. Half of the onions went on the side of the roast, and half went on the top. I mixed the apple cider vinegar, BBQ sauce, chicken broth, Worcestershire sauce and mustard together in a small bowl before pouring them in over the roast in the crock pot. Last ingredient was a few sprinkles of thyme. Set it on low and let it cook all day.

When I arrived home at 5:30pm, the entry way of the house smelled amazing and our house smelled great too. The roast was falling apart, so I just used a couple forks to shred the meat and mixed it with all the juices. I had to take a picture of the left-over sandwich I had on Saturday because the first one was gone before I even though to take a picture. This was a quick, easy meal that made left-overs for the week. I was so excited the recipe turned out so well, I told Ben, “I can actually cook!”

What new recipes have you tried lately? What are your go-to easy dinner recipes?

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