Workouts 4/7 – 4/13

14 Apr

This week was kind of random as far as workouts go, but I was pretty impressed with what I was able to accomplish. Saturday was a beautiful trail run, which you can read more about here. Monday and Tuesday were good days of using my bike for transportation after I got home from work and getting a little sweat on as well. My track workout on Wednesday was my time trial for the upcoming 5k I am running next weekend. I really want to finish under 30 minutes and since the 5k has obstacles, I’m going to have to run fairly fast to meet my goal.

Saturday, March 7th –
AM: 90 minutes trail running
PM: 40 minutes walking to dinner and back

Sunday, March 8th –
Afternoon: 20 minutes walking

Monday, March 9th –
PM: 9 mile bike ride to grocery store, bible study and back home

Tuesday, March 10th –
PM: 8 mile bike ride

Wednesday, March 11th –
PM: Track Workout
5 min walk warm up
1600m 10 minutes
3x1600m (8:00, 8:02, 8:02)
5 min walk cool down
3 x 10 24″ box jumps
50 walking lunges with rear leg lift
100m shuffle (half left leg lead, half right leg lead)
50 m high skipping

Thursday, March 12th –
Noon: 25 minute walk
PM: arm workout
3 x 10 push-ups (triangle, triceps, regular)
3 x 20 (bicep curls, 45 degree curls, hammer curls)
3 x 20 overhead tricep extensions
3 x 10 bent back flys

Friday, March 13th –
AM: 30 minutes yoga

Total Miles: ~10


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