Workouts 3/10-3/16

20 Mar

This week was decently balanced in regards to workouts. I had two really good runs, two days of strength training and one more day with cardio. I think my run on Thursday was a good reality check because I had a goal to run a 8:00 mile. I ended up running a 7:31 mile, something I didn’t think I was really capable of, and it wasn’t too hard. After that, I really felt like I need to push myself harder. It probably means setting some goals that I think are out of reach so that I am really working to my full potential.

Saturday, March 10th –
PM: 50 minutes elliptical
5 minutes walk cooldown
2 x 10 reps v-ups with Fitball

10 minutes foam roll
10 min stretch/yoga

Sunday, March 11th –
PM: 5.5 mile run, 15 min foam roll, 10 min stretch

Monday, March 12th –
Noon: 45 min walk

Tuesday, March 13th –
PM: 20 elliptical
3 x 15 lying side leg raises
3 x 10 marching hip bridge
60 minutes body pump class

Wednesday, March 14th –
Noon: 40 min arms/abs, 10 minute stretch/yoga

Thursday, March 15th –
PM: 1.75 mile run to track, 3 min walk
1 mile in 7:31!!! 3 min walk
1.75 mile run home
15 min stretch/foam roll

Friday, March 16th – REST

Total Miles: 10


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