How soon is too soon?

09 Mar

The question of my week has been: How soon is too soon to run after a half marathon?

I was pretty sore on Sunday after my race and I took ibuprofen all day Monday to stay ahead of the pain and I felt good enough Tuesday morning that I didn’t take any paid medication. My main goal for Monday and Tuesday was to rest and recover, which included me sitting ALL day at work on Monday and 1/2 the day on Tuesday (normally I work standing up). I also ate slightly more than I normally would and probably had a few too many sweets! Stretching and yoga did not happen, and that is a big downfall of mine. I know that my muscles were sore and probably needed stretching but I just couldn’t make myself do it.

Wednesday I did not feel like going to the gym but I knew I had to start moving again. I decided on an arms and abs workout to give my legs another day to recover. It didn’t feel great, but something is always better than nothing. Thursday was a leg workout which went better than expected.

So as I woke up this morning, I decided it was time to run. I threw my clothes and running shoes in my gym bag and made a plan hit the treadmill. I am really not a treadmill runner, but the weather is pretty gloomy, cold, rainy and windy today, so running inside was the only option I was taking. I started off slow and worked my way up to 6.0 mph, and even ran up a little hill (putting the incline up to 3.0). The running felt fine and I took time to foam roll and stretch afterwards.

The problem came when I tried to stand up after I had eaten my lunch sitting down. I was very stiff and sore! And now two hours later, my lungs are kind of achy, like when you run in the cold and it hurts to breathe. So, again, I pose the question,

How soon should you start running after a half marathon?

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One response to “How soon is too soon?

  1. racingthestates

    March 9, 2012 at 2:25 PM

    After my first half, I was SO sore! My hips were the worst, I could barely move. I think I rested a week…because I ran a 5K the weekend after my half. I haven’t ran a half since (that was two years ago) but I’ve done 10Ks and 5Ks and I usually just run the next day. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t know either when how long you’re supposed to stay off the running for! I’m doing next next half in a little over a month! And I’m in a lot better shape than I was, so I wonder how sore I’ll be this time!


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